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illini420 11-11-05 02:34 PM

Originally Posted by wennma01
my thoughts exactly. it really confuses the hell out of me that people spend this much on dvds. when exactly are you going to have time to watch all of these? and if he is rich as someone mentioned, he wouldn't wait for a 20% of sale to buy the dvds he wanted.

as another poster mentioned, they are still paying off their credit card from last years sale (nov 2004). doesn't that kinda defeat the purpose of 20% if you're paying a years worth of interest?

i would appreciate it if a 'big spender' can try to explain spending thousands of dollars on dvds in one shot

I wouldn't say I'm rich, but I do well. I've spend around 10k on DVDs over the past 2 years or so. No, haven't watched them all, but I love having the convenience of being able to watch something when I want and not having to go out and rent something or to screw around with something like netflix. And just because people have money, doesn't mean they waste it. One of the reasons some of us have money is that we look for deals like this and we don't just blow cash at retail prices. Look at Sam Walton, was a mega-billionaire, but he still drove a beat up pickup truck.

Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. 11-11-05 02:34 PM

First of probably 2 or 3 orders:

Item Description Quantity Price
------------- ---------------------------------------- -------- --------
DDFXD026089D OFFICE SPACE (WS/SE) 1 $11.50
DDMGD008850D BE COOL (WS) 1 $11.12

------------- ---------------------------------------- -------- --------

Tax: $0.00
Shipping Price: $0.00
Order Total: $121.50

kayak99 11-11-05 02:35 PM

Originally Posted by meshershark
Well, this is one sale I'm sitting out. Even without all the price issues, I'm already boycotting them because they refuse to answer my customer support emails. "Our representatives will respond to you by the end of the next business day", my ass. Between that and their inability to fix my order status page, I'm done with them for now.

Just for the record, if I respomded to all the negative opinions from the sudden influx of all the "Cool New Members" concerning DDD and this sale in the manner best suited for them I would be banned or at least suspended therefore I'll just say this.

If you don't want to buy, then don't. If you find their business practices not to be of your liking, go elsewhere. Neither you nor I know of their business plans or day to day operations so we should not be posting some of the comments seen here. (or are some of these new members just plants??)

If I see something I want, at a price I want to pay, I buy it, otherwise I do not. Personally, I appreciate their sales and understand there will be glitches and unforseen problems when they have these sales due to the overwhelming volume lasting only a couple of weeks each year. (No, they can't be prepared for everyting and its difficult to train new part-timers just to work these types of sales)

Anytime I experienced a glitch I was patient and they problem was always solved in a reasonable amount of time.

Enjoy the sale, else drive to Wallymart and pay retail! :horse:

Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. 11-11-05 02:37 PM

I also got my confirmation email in about 30 seconds.

Damed 11-11-05 02:38 PM

CRAP. I got my confirmation email, but it's missing ULTRAVIOLET.

Should I re-order it, or wait until the order shows up on my order status?

GeoffK 11-11-05 02:41 PM

closing. New thread II:

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