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Doctor Gonzo 10-11-05 05:21 PM

$3.00 off coupon for 'The Island' in People magazine
Read this article in todays USA Today - how studios spruce-up box office duds to try to recover their investment. As stated below, looks like the coupon will be in perhaps the current or an upcoming issue of People magazine.

A DVD do-over can boost a flop's sales

By Thomas K. Arnold, Special for USA TODAY

DVD has become so lucrative that Hollywood studios are seeing gold in box-office flops.

They're repositioning and sometimes re-editing theatrical failures in an attempt not only to recoup their losses, but also turn a profit.

"Hollywood's video marketers excel at making lemonade out of lemons," says industry analyst Tom Adams, president of Adams Media Research. (Related story: An avalanche of titles expected this fall)

For DVDs, studios "get the opportunity to capitalize on everything that's been learned from the theatrical run — reviews, exit polling, blogging."

An extreme case is The Honeymooners, an urban-comedy remake of the classic TV sitcom that cost $27 million and took in just $13 million when it came out in June.

For the DVD, which comes out Nov. 22, the film — originally rated PG-13 for "some innuendo and rude humor" — was trimmed to make it a family-friendlier PG.

Studio research showed the film had more appeal to families than to teens, the initial target audience, says Paramount's Meagan Burrows.

Other movies being reconsidered for home viewing:

• Michael Bay's The Island cost $122 million and brought in just $36 million in North America, one of summer's biggest flops. For the Dec. 13 DVD release, DreamWorks will play up the action rather than the story and characters, and will offer a $3-off DVD coupon in People.

•Kingdom of Heaven, out today (Fox, $30), cost $130 million and took in $47.4 million in North America. A new DVD feature lets viewers use an interactive production grid to watch any of 16 custom documentaries on making the film.

It's not the first time a movie has been redone for DVD. Oliver Stone's $150 million Alexander was panned for being dull and, at 175 minutes, too long. The film took in $34.3 million during its 2004 North American theatrical run.

When the epic came out on DVD in August, it was released in two versions: a shorter director's cut and the theatrical cut.

Consumers bought twice as many copies of the shorter version, according to Nielsen VideoScan. Alexander's DVD haul: $19.3 million.

mike01 10-11-05 06:11 PM

any idea what issue of People?

mike01 10-22-05 09:32 PM

Has nayone had any luck finding this coupon yet ?

DonkeyKong 10-22-05 10:13 PM

I'm thinking the coupon won't be issued until it gets closer to the release date, since People magazine comes out every week. I wonder, too, if the coupon will be good for multiple DVD titles, or for "The Island," only.

mike01 11-14-05 06:01 PM

has anyone seen this yet, I saw People mag today with the weddings on it and it didnt have it.

LilDears 11-14-05 06:28 PM

Originally Posted by DonkeyKong
I wonder, too, if the coupon will be good for multiple DVD titles, or for "The Island," only.

I'm guessing it will be for "The Island" only. They did a similar $3 coupon for Bewitched and it was only for Bewitched.

ruk 11-14-05 06:58 PM

i saw a different coupon in the costco connection, their monthly magazine i think, it say buy war of the worlds, either edition and get $3 off on the island.

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