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kornboy 10-20-04 04:59 PM

The Simpsons Season 1 $14.99 At Target Online..
Saw it online that its only $14.99, called the store, asked for the price and they said $34.99, so it must be internet-only that its $14.99, very nice deal, im gonna grab it while i can... heres the link..


kornboy 10-20-04 05:02 PM

ok weird, the link doesnt work, but it does when you delete the dvdtalk part of it, when the link is open, i edited, and took it out, and when i clicked on it, dvdtalk was still on there, weird, just search target.com then, its $14.99, good deal

CarlitoBrown 10-20-04 05:06 PM

The amazon deal is so much better though. ;)

kornboy 10-20-04 05:09 PM

ya just saw that, sorry, forget this thread, just trying to be nice :)

Racer94 10-20-04 07:09 PM

looks like target.com has all the fox titles at 14.99 except millennium and in living color. all the rest that i looked at are 14.99 and free shipping for 30.00 or more. not a bad deal at all.

you may want to edit the title to reflect all of the fox titles since many have simpsons sets from other deals.

SlingshotBandit 10-20-04 08:37 PM

I believe Target's online media section is affiliated with Amazon, hence the similar prices.

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