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basaro 08-01-04 01:12 PM

Good Bad Ugly SE $10 at Circuit City- YMMV
I just got back from CCity and their 2 for 9.99 sale.

They had The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly 2-Disc S.E. (none of the 1 disc old version) in the box as part of the sale. I figured it was a mistake but what the heck, try it anyway.

I brought that and Bull Durham up to the checkout and it wrang up like this:

Good, Bad Ugly $10
Bull Durham $5

So, it may be possible that GBU will wring up for $10 on it's own, and the other actual 9.99 titles wring up for $5.

My friend also got the same deal at a different register at the same time except he got To Live and Die In LA instead of Bull Durham. We didn't say a thing and the clerks seemed like they were doing price corrections and overrides in the computer, because they didn't just wring them in. It took a few minutes, but all seemed like it was proper. It would seem odd that two different cashiers would wring in two separate purchases in the same manner without prior knowledge of the sale. So this may be an unadvertised sale, possibly a glitch. Maybe they didn't realize they wouldn't have the older 1-disc in stock anymore, so they made this adjustment to make up for it.

Definitely YMMV, but I got this at the Salem, NH store.

Cheers! :)

aspikes 08-01-04 01:58 PM

Your lucky and right. I just got back from CC. I purchased the old version and Bull Durham. It was funny because the sales lady could not get the old version to scan as part of the buy one get one free. I ask if it was the SE and frantically search the store one but could not find one. This deal will not last long so anybody who want the 2 disc SE needs to move on it quickly.

smackattack 08-01-04 05:44 PM

brea CC had a ton of the old version :(

Decker 08-01-04 07:04 PM

Thanks! I got in on this. Lost of old versions in the bin, but 2 new ones on the racks. It rang up at $10 and To Live & Die in LA came in at $5. The sales lady was confused and told me I needed to get another $9.99 movie, so I picked up Rocky. That changed the price of TGTBTU to $19.99. Then she said I had to get another $19.99 disc. I said "Hold it, can't I just buy the two I came here with?" She tought about if for a second and said "OK". Anyway, I think even if you didn't buy anything else, the SE will ring up at $10. Great deal. I was tempted to see how the SE's of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and of Windtalkers might ring up, but I was running late. If anyone gets a chance, try those out since the bare bones versions of both are on the list.

Twistydog 08-01-04 07:22 PM

I went to a Circuit City today and the SE rang up as $19.99. I wonder why it didn't work at this one.

thejester 08-01-04 07:50 PM

Hey, maybe if you got 2 of TGTBTU, then they would be $10/each - B1G1 scenario. Little strange on CCs' part.

misterchimpy 08-01-04 08:55 PM

If you like the original movie, the SE is definitely worth picking up, imo. I'm generally pretty hostile towards reissues, repackaging etc, but MGM did an awesome job on this. The added scenes didn't really do that much for me(you do get an extra minute of Tuco getting the sh*t beaten out of him among other things), but the print has really been cleaned up, and just looks spectacular in places. And the extras are actually pretty cool, depending on how much you liked the movie in the first place, I even liked the documentary on General Sibley, whose Civil War battle is replayed in the film. You also get Clint and Eli dubbing their voices into the new scenes(doesn't work that well for Eli) but they also give interviews and talk about the movie. If you liked the movie, it is well worth the $10 to upgrade if you can get it with this deal.

Ruderic 08-01-04 11:15 PM

Lately some reissues are superior quality.

justbarelymovin 08-02-04 04:44 AM

I'm gonna have to try this out. Thanks :)

Classic Films 08-02-04 10:38 AM

Kind of similar to what they had at Tower Records in Lincoln Center NYC last week . They were having a $9.99 sale on select MGM titles including The Good The Bad and The Ugly. The 2 disc set all had $9.99 stickers on them. It rang up $29.99 but then a manager adjusted price to $9.99. The 2 disc set were all sold out by the time I left the store so I didn't bother posting.

dnuts24 08-02-04 11:07 AM

please please please someone hook this up for me.......im an hour and a half from a circuit city.......ill send the money via paypal now if someone will do it.......

Applejack 08-02-04 11:11 AM

Originally posted by dnuts24
please please please someone hook this up for me.......im an hour and a half from a circuit city.......ill send the money via paypal now if someone will do it.......
I'll look for you and see if they have it... if so, I will e-mail you in an hour or so.

dnuts24 08-02-04 11:17 AM

cool thanks.......hey cool u are in moore.........i an in enid, ok... we dont have no circuit cities.....

drjay 08-02-04 11:19 AM

Lunch can't come fast enough. I'm layin on the gas to get to CC to try n snag this. :D

drjay 08-02-04 12:53 PM

Damnit, I just fought traffic to get there and they had none in stock. It looked like they didn't even carry the SE...they had about 10 of the non-SE ones though. Oh well, I'll wait for it some other time.

basaro 08-02-04 06:03 PM

salem is now out of SE's
I just checked the Salem store again on my way home. All the SE's are gone and now there are some of the old version in the sale bin. I'm guessing they just got those in today, and were able to re-stock the bin. Looks like all the SE's were sold earlier to people who were lucky enough to get there early.

There may still be some stores with the SE in stock where you can get this deal, but the window is closing quickly. Good luck to anyone else looking. :)

illennium 08-02-04 06:56 PM

About 10 copies left at Union Square store. Deal worked, thanks.

cajun_junky 08-03-04 11:18 AM

So to clarify the deal.....If you get 1 of the titles listed for the 2 for $9.99 deal then you may be able to get TGTBTU 2 disk for $10??? So that is 2 dvds for $15ish

Or do you have to actually buy 2 dvds for $9.99 then get TGTBTU 2 disk for $10. So that would be 3 dvds for $20.


NCYankee 08-03-04 12:41 PM

I wonder if it would work with the Showgirls VIP edition?

Is it just my CC, or are all the copies of West Side Story and Windtalkers in foolscreen?

Edit : Now that I look, I guess the WS WSS is OOP except for the $30 SE - and the Windtalkers is supposed to be dual-format, though I don't recall seeing that on the box.

Digital Groove 08-03-04 04:10 PM

I thought I read that they changed the sound effects in the remake? Something with the gun shots, I've never seen it but I want to pick it up and I'm hesitant as to which version to buy.

Decker 08-03-04 05:42 PM

Originally posted by cajun_junky
So to clarify the deal.....If you get 1 of the titles listed for the 2 for $9.99 deal then you may be able to get TGTBTU 2 disk for $10??? So that is 2 dvds for $15ish

This one. As I posted, if you pick up two $10 DVD's GBU rings up at $19.99. With one $10 DVD, GBU is $10 and that other DVD is $5.

cleaver 08-03-04 08:06 PM

In the Rockville, MD CC TGTBATU SE rang up $19.99. :(

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