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freudguy 06-16-04 06:54 AM

Overstock.com now carries previously viewed DVD's
While browsing yesterday, I noticed that they now have "Certified Previously Viewed" DVD's. I checked dvdpricesearch this morning and they have several listed (blatantly ripped from their site):

40 Days and 40 Nights - $7.49
Agent Cody Banks - $7.49
Better Luck Tomorrow - $8.49
Bloody Sunday - $7.49
Bringing Down The House - $7.49
Camp - $9.49
Chicago - $7.49
Dark Blue - $7.49
Die Another Day - $7.49
Freaky Friday - $8.49
Jeepers Creepers - $8.49
K-19: The Widowmaker - $7.49
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - $8.49
Legally Blonde 2 - $8.49
Narc - $7.49
Out Of Time - $8.49
Personal Velocity - $7.49
Pirates Of The Caribbean - $8.49
Star Trek Nemesis - $7.49
The Core - $7.49
The Hunter - $7.49
Uptown Girl - $8.49
Under The Tusacan Sun - $9.49
Open Range - $9.49

Nothing too great but there are a couple good deals.

Tarantino 06-16-04 07:33 AM


Sounds bad...so very bad...

DVD Josh 06-16-04 08:06 AM

Originally posted by Tarantino

Sounds bad...so very bad...

I agree. There is no way I would buy used DVDs from overstock.

pilot 06-16-04 09:33 AM

was contemplating buying a few, picked out the 6 i wanted, compared their used prices against DDD, with the exception of open range being expensive at DDD, it wasn't that much difference (5 at DDD (excluding open range) for the cost of 6 at overstock)..

guess it depends what you buy (open range for example I guess would have been the best buy, pending they're in good condition)

unclehulot 06-16-04 09:45 AM

If their return policy is the same as for new merchandise, this could be a real crap shoot! Might have to use the bad ones for skeet shooting!

corycouger 06-22-04 03:23 AM

most of those dvds you can buy new for $8.99 or $9.99 anyways.

NCYankee 06-22-04 11:43 AM

That's a good price on PotC - I had been trying to get that DVD cheap for weeks, CH doesn't carry it and Blockbuster sold their used copies very quickly at $14.99. I finally bought a new copy at eBay for $10.39 + $4.50 S/h - $5 paypal coupon. Without the coupon, it would have been a much better deal from overstock.

Alot of eBay buy-it-now sellers have good prices but kill you with $5-6 S/H. Amazon marketplace prices are usually a little higher but $2.49 shipping.

pilot 07-27-04 03:33 PM

They've lowered their prices for their PVD's

The Hunted - $4.99
Legally Blonde 2:Red, White and Blonde $6.99
Uptown Girls - $6.99
The Core - $5.99
Out of Time - $6.99
K19: The Widowmaker - $5.99
Dark Blue - $5.99
Better Luck Tomorrow - $6.99
Narc - $5.99
Jeepers Creepers II - $6.99
40 Days and 40 Nights - $5.99
Bloody Sunday - $5.99
Camp - $5.99
Personal Velocity - $5.99

also 10% off coupon is floating around, as well as a their $4 bargain bin..picked up like 5 titles for ~30 bucks shipped, vs same bunch at DDD for about 46..so saved about 16 bucks (hopefully they're in somewhat decent condition for being used..as you can't return em ...

pilot 08-11-04 08:37 PM

I took the plunge and bought some used ones from them ..Can't really complain... bought The Hunted, The Core, Narc, Dark Blue and Out of Time ..the 3 paramount's had inserts and in amaray cases, the two MGM had no inserts (I'm not sure if they even were in the new ones, stupid MGM!) and in MGM's cheapo "amaray-style" cases ... the biggest problem I had was their "Previously Viewed DVD" sticker going from the front to the back (over&around) the groove you use to open it) and the barcode sticker on the back which you can't remove unless you use goo-gone or something of the sort (also applies to the front sticker, it leaves a sticky mess) (if you have spare cases, you'd want to swap em out)...the disc's themsleves were in pretty good condition ...all of em had their cover art.. i would say they're probably better than a blockbuster rental disc (or the average blockbuster trade in) but not 100% perfect (VERY light scuff marks, scratching) but not deep *AT ALL* ...overall I'm very happy and if I see more I want I'd buy the used ones agian..

NCYankee 08-12-04 12:53 AM

Originally posted by pilot
....MGM's cheapo "amaray-style" cases ... .. i would say they're probably better than a blockbuster rental disc (or the average blockbuster trade in) but not 100% perfect (VERY light scuff marks, scratching) but not deep *AT ALL* ...overall I'm very happy and if I see more I want I'd buy the used ones agian..
What do you mean by MGM's "cheapo Amaray style cases"? I checked a few of the MGM dvds I have that I bought new, and they all have genuine cases stamped with "Amaray" inside the spine, and seem identical to every other Amaray I have seen.

Also, you can't generalize about Blockbuster PVDs - all it takes is one careless moron to ruin a disc, regardless of where they rented it. I have bought quite a few from BB which were in like-new condition, even popular movies such as "Open Range", "Kill Bill" and "The Last Samurai". I have started to check for scratches BEFORE they scan, so I don't have to go through returning it to get another. Maybe less than half have had inserts, and a few have stickers directly on the cover art instead of the clear case cover. At least they long ago stopped putting the round stickers on the disc itself (around the spindle hole).

Speaking of keep cases (minor thread hijack) - over the last several weeks I have been going to BB and rescuing the original cases before they throw them out so I could switch the horrible Blockbuster cases most of my PVDs were in. Most have been Amarays, but a few weeks ago I made the mistake of using the cases from "The Butterfly effect", which have the three pie-shaped spokes (I call it the "Peace Sign" case, as opposed to the Amaray "Yin / Yang" type). I don't see any type of mark on these, so I don't know who makes them, but they are terrible - they hold the disc very tight, and you must press hard to release which in turn pinches the very tip of your finger, which gets painful if you do it a few times in a short space of time. I picked up some more Amarays this week to switch out the Peace sign ones as I watch them.

I must say that switching the cases was a worthwhile effort - no more stickers, no more tight hubs, and no more dull satin-finish art covers - the cover art looks so much better through a nice 100% transparent clear cover.

pilot 08-13-04 06:49 PM

the ones the two mgm's are in are the "ying-yang/peace sign/three pie shaped spokes" ...i've got them before (almost positive in new movies...not sure which companie(s)..

i guess you are right about generalizing blockbuster pvds..

in anycase, they were in good condition..and i'm happy..so that's all that matters (to me) :)

NCYankee 08-14-04 02:23 AM

Now you have completely lost me - the Amaray cases are one type, the three-spoke cases are completely different.

You know what a yin/yang symbol looks like, right? Go to this page:
Yin yang
Now turn that symbol 90 degrees and that is what the central hub of an amaray case looks like.

The other style central hub doesn't exactly look like a peace sign, but more like a Mercedes emblem. I don't like these, the Amarays are much easier to use.

pilot 08-14-04 11:25 AM

the two mgm were the 3 spoke, NOT the amaray. there that's finalized ;)

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