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RayChuang 01-17-12 07:37 PM

Potential troublesome ad from DC Comics?
I am just potentially troubled by this:

Robama Against Manga In This New DC Comics Funded Ad
Rich Johnston
January 17, 2012

Read the full article here, including graphic

We’ve been happy to run A Comic Shop’s adverts, approved and 75% paid for by the DC Comics co-op advertising programme – that go a little further then most ads of their type. Especially those mostly paid for by Warner Brothers.

This time we have Cyborg rechristened “Robama”, and pushing a patriotic message that you can trade your Japanese manga for American DC New 52 issue ones.
I am particularly disturbed by the tone of this flyer because it can be construed as potentially racist, to say the least. I really hope that DC Comics backs down from doing this, because you KNOW both Viz Media and Kodansha will find out and this could blow up into something ugly. http://clicksmilies.com/s1106/trauri...smiley-054.gif

fujishig 01-17-12 08:17 PM

Re: Potential troublesome ad from DC Comics?
So I can trade an $8 - $12 volume of manga for a 2.99 to 3.99 pamphlet? Where do I sign up? Oh, but not for Action Comics, I hear that guy's Scottish.

I really hope this is just a joke.

resinrats 01-17-12 09:08 PM

Re: Potential troublesome ad from DC Comics?
Not much different then when DC or Marvel say trade so many of the competition's books for a rare version of their company's book. It just deals with manga. Aren't a lot of kid into manga more then US comics? So maybe this is just aimed at getting kids into DC comics, not some anti-Japanese idea.

Hadrian7 01-18-12 01:52 AM

Re: Potential troublesome ad from DC Comics?
Although the "deal" itself is pretty subpar, I fail to see any racist subtext here. Is it because Obama is black? Or that he is American?

fujishig 01-18-12 11:49 AM

Re: Potential troublesome ad from DC Comics?
Yeah, I'm not sure this is racism. On the bleedingcool comments, the guy who owns this store chimed in and he did mean it to be tongue in cheek (and I didn't realize this was just one store, I thought it was a chain or something). But Robama just because Cyborg is black? Buy American? Also, when did DC or Marvel do a trade in program for their competition?

Now if they did a "trade in your Milestone comics for the New 52" maybe there'd be a bit more outcry, especially after they canned Static (and Mr. Terrific)

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