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SPIDERone 06-04-10 09:51 PM

Anywhere to buy digital copies of comics/graphic novels?
Hey everyone,

First off, sorry if this is the wrong place or if it's already been covered! I'm trying to get into comics/graphic novels again, and the iPad has really gotten me interested. I know all of these new ebook readers have stores available, but I wanted to see if there was anything similar to graphic novels? Something I can download in a format like PDF or ePub to view on a digital device.

Even though I own paper copies of stuff like Sin City, I think it would look fantastic (and I'd be happy to rebuy) on a device like the iPad. Most of the services seem to only offer text-books, but I figured if there was a service like this out there, you guys would know!

EDIT: and to give some more info - I know of the specific comic apps by Comixology -- I was looking for something else that has more content like graphic novels.

maingon 06-05-10 02:09 AM

Re: Anywhere to buy digital copies of comics/graphic novels?
If you have the ipad there's a bunch of apps that sell comics from Marvel to a bunch of others and they look amazing on the device. For Graphic novels, not sure. I noticed a few being priced higher then the standard comic book price so I am assuming they are graphic novels.

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