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DGibFen 03-09-10 04:49 PM

Patton Oswalt to write "Serenity" comic book

Patton Oswalt to write 'Firefly' comic book (pic)

Comedian Patton Oswalt is penning a standalone comic book that picks up where the story of "Firefly" left off.

Oswalt is writing "Serenity: Float Out," which takes place after the 2005 film "Serenity," and focuses on the fallout after the death of the ship's pilot, Wash. The comic told MTV:

"Post-'Serenity,' a bunch of Wash's friends who we haven't met on the show, they're basically buying a new ship and christening it," Oswalt said. "It’s called a 'float-out' when you christen a ship ... As they’re christening a new ship, they're telling stories about Wash, and we’re basically seeing what could be the start of a new adventure ... It's a tiny little chapter, but it’s very flattering."

Oswalt went on to say he's always been bothered by Wash's death -- not to mention Fox's cancellation of the show. "Serenity: Float Out" will be released June 2 from Dark Horse Comics with art by Patric Reynolds and a cover by Jo Chen.

Here's the cover art, which MTV first posted (should be at the link if it doesn't show up here):

riotinmyskull 03-09-10 05:46 PM

Re: Patton Oswalt to write "Serenity" comic book

Josh-da-man 03-10-10 10:43 AM

Re: Patton Oswalt to write "Serenity" comic book
Later this year there's also going to a hardcover graphic novel written by Joss and Zack Whedon that delves into the backstory of Shepherd Book.

Info and sample art at Comic Book Resources.

reverie 03-10-10 01:24 PM

Re: Patton Oswalt to write "Serenity" comic book
Woohoo! More is always a wonderful thing!

Peep 03-18-10 07:50 PM

Re: Patton Oswalt to write "Serenity" comic book

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