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harpoonipa 07-14-09 09:18 PM

Good site for statues?
Anyone know a good site that may have deals on statues?

Bandit03 07-15-09 07:12 AM

Re: Good site for statues?
Try out www.entertainmentearth.com, they have a pretty big selection. Not sure about the prices though.

Wolf359 07-15-09 08:39 AM

Re: Good site for statues?
Register to become a member (free) to www.statueforum.com. There is a buy/sell section there and the prices usually are cheaper than elsewhere.

Also try www.sideshowcollectors.com

madcougar 07-17-09 02:20 PM

Re: Good site for statues?
As someone who has sold statues before I'm always amazed at some of the prices they sell for on eBay - as in too damn cheap. Obvioulsy shipping might increase the price, but if you're ordering these from somewhere you have to condent with shipping regardless.

I would check there first. Statues that are in demand won't be as affordable, but new statues can always be had cheaper.

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