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What FULL RUNS do you own in your collection?

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What FULL RUNS do you own in your collection?

Let's discuss what FULL RUNS of particular series you have in your comic collections. It can be in any format (single issues or trades). Any older series you're still working on completing? Let's hear it.
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Amazing Spider-man (the one that started in 1963)

Daredevil (the one that started in 1964)

Working on Fantastic Four - missing about 25 issues.

Doing good on Thor and Hulk - may finish Thor but Hulk isn't a priority.

Would love to complete Superman, but I think I'll have to win the lottery before that happens. From 1961 on, not bad - earlier is shamefully weak.

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That's impressive Bronkster! Are those including the "rebooted" series as well?
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Yup. Just listed the major titles, but I also have all the Spider-man titles except for slowing down on some of the recent stuff.
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Original comics:
Badger (Including crossovers into other titles)

Reprint books:
Little Nemo in Slumberland
Krazy Kat Sunday strips (Waiting for the last volume)
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Guardians of the Galaxy (the late '80s reboot)

Mike W. Barr's The Maze Agency (the Comico issues and the Innovation issues)

Suicide Squad (The Howard Chaykin cover of #1 was what sold me)

X-Files (what? the show was hellish hot way back when and the comic wasn't too shabby at first)


Y: The Last Man (Yeah, okay, Book 10 isn't out yet but I have all 9 and the series is reaching it's end when? Next month? Or is already over?)


JSA (the Johns/Goyer stuff with Paul Levitz closing it down)

That's it so far, I think. I have other collections that I intend to collect the full runs of but they haven't reached the end yet (Peanuts collection, Dick Tracy, 100 Bullets)

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JSA (Johns/Goyer/Levitz)


Y: The Last Man (obviously 10 isn't out yet...)

Working on 100 Bullets, Fables etc.
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From Vertigo: Sandman (trades + comics), Preacher (trades), Books of Magic (comics), Transmetropolitan (trades), Fables (comics), 100 Bullets (comics + 1 trade), Y: the Last Man (trades), Jack of Fables (comics), DMZ (comics), Names of Magic (comics), Hunter: Age of Magic (comics)

From Wildstorm: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (trades), Promethea (trades), Top 10 (comics), Ex Machina (comics)

From DC: Starman (Robinson series, comics), Spectre (Ostrander series, comics), All Star Comics (Archives), JSA (trades), 52 (comics), Gotham Central (trades plus comics), Catwoman (Brubaker series, trades plus comics)

From Marvel: Groo the Wanderer (comics, plus the Image & Dark Horse material - looking forward to the new miniseries)

From Dark Horse: Hellboy (trades), The Goon (trades)

From Aardvark-Vanaheim: Cerebus (trades)

Manga: Lone Wolf & Cub (digests), GTO (digests)

I'm working right now towards putting together Birds of Prey. I've got mostly everything except the Batman & OMAC crossover issues, #15, and the elusive #8 (well, elusive for under $100).
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Way too many to list. Nothing really substantial, but I have back collected Batman and Detective to about 1980 and I'm now missing only about 50 issues of Uncanny X-Men. I've decided to only fill these holes with copies that are at least in fine condition. This has made filling these holes a bit more expensive and harder than I ever expected.
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Nothing too much, but I guess the biggest for me would be "Nightwing", which I've got all the issues, one-shots, etc. for (well, I don't have the trades since I've got the original issues). Next closest would be "Preacher", but I'm missing a few early issues somewhere between 2-15 I believe.

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Since I've always followed writers/artist more than any character, I have full runs of creative teams more than anything else.

I believe the longest complete creative runs I have is Claremont's run on X-men, starting with Giant-Size, up to the Jim Lee issues, and Peter David's entire run on Hulk, which is around 140 issues.

Others include Byrne's tenure on FF, Alan Moore's run on Swamp Thing, Garth Ennis' runs on Hellblazer, Hitman and Preacher, all issues of Gaiman's Sandman, McFarlane's Spider-man issues and Frank Miller's Daredevil issues. And I'm pretty sure that I have ever comic book with interior art from Alan Davis, Art Adams and Barry Windsor-Smith (including all his original Conans). I also have pretty much every comic book written by Alan Moore that was published in the US (which includes Miracleman), along with a lot of his early UK stuff. I'm sure there's a lot more that I'm forgetting.

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I have so many "runs" in trade that I want to be complete on, but I'm still missing volumes in almost all of them. That's because I get into a series for a while, then loose interest so I put off buying volumes for a while.

I do have all the Preacher's though, and the full run of Batman Adventures v2 in single issues (which I'm going to have bound into a HC).
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Originally Posted by slop101
Art Adams
Me too!

Well, I had everything until I stopped collecting anyway. As soon as I saw Longshot #1, I became a bit obsessed with Adams. Even had some of his really rare newsletter stuff and a few original sketches.

That guy was way ahead of his time--sort of a Jim Lee-type well before Jim Lee appeared on the scene.
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Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, every appearance from Detective 359 to Batgirl Special 1

Trades everything Teen Titans/New Teen Titans
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Only full run I have is in trades.


I intend to have the full run of:

Ex Machina
The Losers
Y: The Last Man

That's about it.
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