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Josh-da-man 12-12-21 06:07 AM

Anne Rice (1941-2021)

I read The Vampire Chronicles trilogy back when I was a kid. (And yes, it was a trilogy at that time.) and gave me a lifelong fascination with vampires.

Those three books were absolute classics.

Kurt D 12-12-21 09:45 AM

Re: Anne Rice (1941-2021)
I'd say RIP but if anyone won't really die, it's her. First three Vampire books were fantastic.

Maxflier 12-12-21 10:37 AM

Re: Anne Rice (1941-2021)
Damn, RIP. Like most I really enjoyed the first few Vampire Chronicles books.

Nick Danger 12-12-21 10:46 AM

Re: Anne Rice (1941-2021)
So far as I can tell, Anne Rice invented what is the standard vampire today. Before Interview, everyone was still basing their vampires on Bram Stoker's version. Modern vampires get together and party all night.

There might have been something in the air. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro wrote Hotel Transylvania at the same time, even if it got published second.

The Antipodean 12-12-21 01:22 PM

Re: Anne Rice (1941-2021)
Iím a fan of most of the first five books in the Chronicles series up till Memnoch and have dipped in and out of later ones. She might have been inconsistent but at her best she was a true carrier of the Gothic tradition of Bram Stoker etc. Feel like rereading one of her classics today. 🦇

jpcamb 12-12-21 03:49 PM

Re: Anne Rice (1941-2021)
She was my first paranormal author of interest (I somehow don't count Stephen King in this genre as he was more straight horror IMHO) Loved her first few books. it's amazing that the Interview with the vampire came out so long ago (1976) as I recently re-read it and it felt like a much more contemporary book.

I agree she will probably be like Mary Shelley and be remembered and for hundreds of years to come.

Sonic 12-12-21 03:59 PM

Re: Anne Rice (1941-2021)
RIP sweetheart ❤️

Boondock Saint 12-13-21 12:55 AM

Re: Anne Rice (1941-2021)

Loved a good portion of the Vampire books. Read most while in high school. Still working on the last three recent ones. Just don't read in general like I used to.

cultshock 12-13-21 12:32 PM

Re: Anne Rice (1941-2021)
RIP. I also read the first several books when I was in high school. Of the ones I've read, I think Tale of the Body Thief was my favorite, I thought it was a cool story how Lestat was forced to adapt to being a human again. .

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