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Why So Blu? 11-26-15 02:37 PM

Amazon 30% OFF 1 Book in Print
Enter code:


for 30% off one book (one per account) in print up to $10 (the discount is worth up to ten dollars depending on how expensive the book is).

cultshock 11-26-15 03:54 PM

Re: Amazon 30% OFF 1 Book in Print
Nice, there was a book or two in the $30 range on my wish list so this is perfect (just need to decide which one to get). Thanks!

gryffinmaster 11-26-15 07:00 PM

Re: Amazon 30% OFF 1 Book in Print
Interestingly enough, the code works for those DC Hardcover Graphic Novel + Blu-ray/DVD sets released earlier this year, which range in price from $18 to 21. Batman: Year One, for instance, will set you back $13.50 or so after coupon and tax.



JeremyM 11-27-15 02:32 PM

Re: Amazon 30% OFF 1 Book in Print
This is great, thanks!

rw2516 11-27-15 03:51 PM

Re: Amazon 30% OFF 1 Book in Print
Thanks a lot! Works on comic TPBs. Shaved almost $9 off Man-Thing TPB.

Geofferson 11-27-15 05:41 PM

Re: Amazon 30% OFF 1 Book in Print
Thanks. Picked up Lawrence Block's The Girl With the Deep Blue Eyes.

Paul_SD 11-28-15 10:18 PM

Re: Amazon 30% OFF 1 Book in Print
Used mine to pick up last years Spectrum (21) in HC.

Had I realized Amazon stocked it though, I would have used it on The Complete Graphics oF Eyvind Earle

a slipcased $150 tome that I've had my eye on for years (it was originally printed in the early 90's. This is a 2010 edition). I thought that only Bud Plant and Stuart Ng still had copies of it. Not only do Amazon and B&N have it, they already have it discounted.

Ended up getting it from B&N with their coupon for a similar price (about $85 off Plant and Ngs prices with shipping).

Also used the B&N coupon to pick up Nicolas Winding Refn's The Act Of Seeing- another pricey, massive slipcased tome.
This one is supposedly dedicated to exploitation poster art. I already have a few solid books on this subject so if it ends up being redundant, I'll just take it back in store.
Tim Lucas, however seems to think pretty highly of it, as have some other poster on other message boards, so I'm optimistic it might be something special after all.

flixtime 11-30-15 02:48 PM

Perhaps of interest to aficionados of hard-boiled/pulp fare, publisher Altus Press has a 25% off coupon code "black25" which expires today...free shipping on soft covers.

I have my eye on Carroll John Daly's "Them That Lives By Their Guns: The Collected Hard-Boiled Stories of Race Williams, Volume 1". If nothing else it has a great looking cover.

For those unfamiliar with the author, it is said that he can lay claim to spot number one on the hard-boiled timeline - a breath ahead of Dashiell Hammett.

Had considered the book for purchase with the Amazon 30% coupon, but might go with Altus Press and thus have the Amazon coupon available to use on something else...maybe a Stark House Noir title, leaning towards the work of Clifton Adams since I've enjoyed some of his work in the Western genre.

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