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bishop2knight 06-26-13 11:07 AM

Anyone read book blogs?
I always enjoy finding a new author, but with all the books out each week, it's difficult to wade through everything else to find a debut.

So last year I ran a book site called The Debut Review. It went well for awhile, but then life and health got in the way, and I put an end to it. Now, however, I'm thinking of starting it up again. Making it more streamlined, getting an additional reviewer or two, and focus on getting more information out about upcoming debuts.

However, with goodreads.com and the review system at Amazon, I'm not sure people really read book blogs. Sure, if a blog is good enough, it'll find its audience, but sometimes it seems the only people reading blogs are other people with blogs who want to keep connections and links going.

So I'm curious. Does anyone here read book blogs? If so, which ones do you read? What sets a good blog above the others?

Geofferson 06-26-13 11:30 AM

Re: Anyone read book blogs?
I frequent a handful of book blogs on a regular basis. I agree it's difficult to keep up with everything -- I've stumbled upon a few that I trust and have had pretty good luck finding new authors and reviews of books I'm interested in (or became interested in). I tend to read crime fiction, thriller/mystery and horror - so the blogs I follow tend to be focused on these genres:

www.bookgasm.com -- Frequent updates with reviews of new releases
http://therapsheet.blogspot.com -- Comprehensive blog for anything crime fiction-related (the author is based out of the UK so it's a good source for British authors as well)
http://bookclubs.barnesandnoble.com/...y-Blog/bg-p/RN -- Barnes & Noble mystery blog
http://www.spinetinglermag.com/category/reviews -- Good source of reviews for crime fiction. I've found a few new authors here
http://toomuchhorrorfiction.blogspot.com -- What the title suggests. Often reviews old TOR paperbacks from the 80s

mewmartigan 06-27-13 12:18 PM

Re: Anyone read book blogs?
for books i really just browse/contribute to the forums over at


benedict 06-28-13 03:50 AM

Re: Anyone read book blogs?
I don't follow any blogs as such. When I'm interested in something I tend to google a title or an author and follow the links. I'll also skim through Amazon and other review sites. But the prospect of bookmarking a few blogs and dipping into to them occasionally is actually quite appealing. Hmmm.

Anzeo 08-22-13 04:59 PM

Re: Anyone read book blogs?
I'd love to find the time to find and read some book blogs, but a lot of my down time ends up spent just winding down to go to sleep. Of course, working for a book blog would be another story since I could actually dedicate some time to it. Maybe, you can just start up for fun, if people read it then you've helped someone, otherwise you've just done something you love :)

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