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Problems w/ Kindle Keyboard

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Problems w/ Kindle Keyboard

Old 09-14-12, 09:53 AM
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Problems w/ Kindle Keyboard

I'm on my second device now (the first was dropped and the screen broke [1]) and I'm debating about whether or not to send that one back. Frequently, at least twice a week, it'll lock up and/or reboot on its own. It usually happens after I d/l a new batch of books, but not always, it has happened once or twice while I was in the middle of reading a book. Looking around I see some people are reporting similar problems (as well as a problem w/ highlighting) when the kindle is too "full". Thanks to all the free book sources I have well over 2k books on the device and about 1G left of the 4G capacity. I'd hate to replace it again since reloading all the books in their categories took me the better part of the weekend last time I did it. So I guess my questions, for those of you w/ the keyboard version, are:

- How full is it and did you find the device to be more unstable as you put more on there?

- Do you have problems w/ it rebooting/locking up, especially after adding new books?

- Any other advice/hints/clues/suggestions you have found/heard about this device?

- It looks like there is a way to "backup" the collections (and which books are in which one) but how do you restore them?

I'm thinking about maybe removing a bunch of the titles and see if that helps clear up the problem. Even that can be time consuming though so any help is welcomed...


[1] Really odd though in that it was actually dropped twice. The first time it took a nose dive into the concrete landed on a corner, the case came apart a little bit and left a ding in it. I was able to pop it back together and everything seemed fine though. The second time, several months later, it slid off of a surface and skidded across the floor and the screen broke that time
Old 09-14-12, 11:28 AM
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Re: Problems w/ Kindle Keyboard

I had the same problem. Mine is awfully full, even more than yours. I didn't drop mine, and it's had a relatively gentle life. For about a month and a half, it would do what yours did, as well as use up the battery really quickly. It ended up resolving itself. One day, I noticed the battery hadn't moved much from the day before, and then I noticed it wasn't rebooting any more. I did nothing, no book removal, no forced reboot, nothing. About a month, maybe two, was all it lasted, and it's been fine for another month or so.

So, not much help, just an "I had your problem" post.

As far as collections, I use Calibre and the Kindle Collection plugin. It automatically creates the collections for me, so if I wipe the Kindle it's not a big deal to get them back.
Old 09-14-12, 04:40 PM
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Re: Problems w/ Kindle Keyboard

I keep most of my non-Amazon ebooks on my PC via Calibre, and then just move them to my Kindle when I'm going to read them (or want to have them available).

Time consuming to remove? Just hook it up to your PC via USB and Calibre.
Old 09-15-12, 04:43 PM
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Re: Problems w/ Kindle Keyboard

Cool... thanks for the info, never suspected such a program existed.
Old 09-26-12, 09:20 PM
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Re: Problems w/ Kindle Keyboard

I was having slowdowns and rebooting problems until I downloaded the new 3.4 firmware. I was only using about 1/4 of the memory but I had a lot of books in the archive. There was some problem with the way the archive was handled that seems to have been fixed in the latest firmware.

The firmware (last I checked) must be downloaded to a computer and moved to the Kindle by USB. I don't know when they'll start pushing it out over the air.

The latest firmware also allows the Kindle Keyboard to read the new KF8 files. Some people don't like the spacing on KF8 a few of the books have had a bug where they display tiny text. I haven't run into any problems.

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