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Ron Kovic / Born On The Fourth of July / Two Tours of Duty in Vietnam

Ron Kovic's book, Born on the Fourth of July was written in 1974 and published in 1976, and is a well-written book. Obviously, Kovic had to write about what was important to him at the time, but there's a period that is noticably absence from both the book and film version - Kovic's time between his two tours of duty.

It is said in passing that he served two tours, and his injury obviously occurred in the 2nd. But what of the time after the first tour? I'm sure Ron goes home for a spell to relax, then I suppose he spent time somewhere with the marines before he volunteered to go back to Vietnam.

I am certain the reason this portion of his life is omitted is because...nothing happened. Ron was still for the war, he was still for America, he was still blind. He was, in fact, the same Ron he was before he joined the marines - idealistic.

Maybe his jaunt after his first tour and before his second tour is just a blip on the radar with nothing noteworthy to say, but I would love to see his full diary that he kept and wrote in when he started his 2nd tour.

Off-topic: Kovic and millions of others hold rallys protesting the wars that have come post Vietnam. What good has it done? All the people and all the protests - what has been accomplished? Not a thing. America still launches wars to serve their best interest, and all the protesting in the world will not change that.

It will, on the other hand, serve a purpose to Kovic and his kind. Those who have been wounded in past wars, to speak out, to drive away demons, to feel important, to have a reason to live. That's all I believe serves the purpose. It helps those protesting, but that's about it.
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