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kramdenfan 09-23-05 10:16 AM

Thoughts on Jose Canseco: Juiced
Has anyone read this yet?

I'm about 1/2 way through it, and I'm really forcing myselft to stick with it. I'll spoilerize my thoughts thus far, in case someone is planning on reading it...

I picked this up (from the library, thank God) because I've been watching Surreal Life, and like Jose on it. I remember as a kid watching him hit, but didn't know much about him personally. On Surreal Life, he's likeable. In the book, he's not.

All the guy has done, every single chapter, is talk about how great steroids are, repeatedly. It gets old. I understand that steroid use helped him to become a superstar, but to say the same thing over, and over, and over again gets extremely old. In one chapter, he talks about how just about every baseball player (with the exception of Roger Clemens) cheats on their wives. At the end of this chapter, he touches on the rumor of steriods' effect on the male anatomy. He does admit that with repeated steroid use, testicles will shrink, but he says it has no effect on the penis; since steroids are a growth hormone, it can add size to the penis. He closes that chapter with: "And trust me, steroids have been very good to me."
After reading that, I'm thinking "Great. Now he says he has a big d*ck, too."

I guess the point of this thread is to see if anyone else has read Juiced, and I wanted to know what they thought of it. I personally, do NOT recommend it to anyone.

Cameron 09-24-05 06:30 AM

i will not be reading anything by someone who let a damn ball bounce off there head for a home run, and then gets the bright idea to pitch his arm out...bastard ruined my rangers for years to come.

kramdenfan 09-24-05 11:16 PM

lol- yeah; one of the reasons I'm trying to get through and finish it is to see if he talks about that game... I'll be shocked if he does.

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