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Anyone read "Endless Nights" yet.....?

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Anyone read "Endless Nights" yet.....?

Old 09-19-03, 03:42 PM
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Anyone read "Endless Nights" yet.....?

The new Sandman hardcover........
Old 09-19-03, 04:31 PM
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I just picked it up on the way into work. The comic shop only had one stinking copy. Look forward to curling up this evening with a cold beer and seeing what the Endless have been up to. Just wish it wasn't hardcover.
Old 09-19-03, 04:46 PM
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for that matter, how good is sandman? i have recently started picking up things that i have overlooked over the years (preacher, watchmen, v) and this is one that is a maybe on my list. everyone raves about how great it is. i just wanna be sure.
Old 09-19-03, 09:47 PM
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I read the first two stories and thus far have been very impressed. I think I'm gonna read the remaining four one a night, I want to savour this beautiful book.

The first story concerns Death, taking place in Venice. I had a little trouble at the beginning, it seemed choatic and confusing the way it kept jumping around. But then it wrapped up nicely, all the strings pulling together. Each detail finding a relation to one another.

Gaiman seemed to have picked the artists well. The art is beautiful, better than anything I've seen in the Sandman series. The second story by Milo Manara is very erotic, close to high class porn (but there is still those irksome poses the man always have to make to hide their genitals.)

I'm mourning the passing of summer. Getting cold here, I'm cursing the upcoming winter. It's comforting to be able to start this season off with the promis of a good book.

kevin75, I would recomman you move Sandman from your maybe to definete pile. These stories are so meaty and alive that I feel the series deserves all of it's accolades. Each book supports one another, so the more of it you read the stronger and more real this dream world feels. I hesitate to recommand the first book Preludes & Nocturnes, as I don't think it hold up to well. The art and the story seems almost cheesy when stood next to the following volumes. I wouldn't want you to judge the series based on that. I'd reccomand starting with maybe The Dolls House or Breif Lives. Try checking if your library carries any of the Sandman collections. I hope you take a step into The Dreaming and enjoy your travels.
Old 09-24-03, 04:32 PM
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I'm planning on picking up Endless Nights this weekend. I recently finished reading the series again (for the umteenth time ) and it will be great to follow that up with something actually new.

kevin75: you will definitely want to try this series out. I kind of agree with Crocker that Preludes & Nocturnes might not be the best way to start (I know that it sets up the whole premise, but Neil was still trying to find his "voice" for the series and I don't really think that these early stories are really representative of the great stories that came later). I would try The Doll's House or maybe Season of Mists? (Brief Lives is great, but maybe too far into the story).
Old 09-25-03, 03:44 AM
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Finished reading it now. I'm very happy that this book came out, but I have to admit that it started strong and petered out for me. Most of the stories lacked the meat of the Sandman series. I think it's kinda odd that Gaiman claims he wanted this book to be accessible to people not familar with Morpheus and the Endless. I'm pretty sure that with out reading the Sandman you wouldn't have much idea of what was going on in the stories.

Still, if you were a fan of the comic series, I'm sure there's something in Endless Nights for you.
Old 09-25-03, 06:18 AM
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Originally posted by kevin75
for that matter, how good is sandman?
It's pretty much my favorite title and I've been reading comics for close to 20 years.

How many other comics have won a literary award?
Old 09-25-03, 07:23 AM
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maus, which i just finished. pretty good book. amazing story told in an unconventional way.
Old 09-25-03, 12:56 PM
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The Dream story was great, but most of the rest were so-so.

The Destiny and Despair stories were not really stories, but more like definitions, so they were at the bottom for me.

Delirium and Destruction were ok, but not exceptional.

The Desire story felt more like a Milos Minara (sp) story than a Desire story, so I guess Gaiman picked the right artist, but I've never been that big a fan of his art.

The Death story was probably my second favorite, and he pulled together the disjoint pieces well, but it didn't seem to have a satisfying ending, happy, sad, or even indifferent.

Overall, I guess I was a little disappointed.
Old 09-29-03, 09:55 PM
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I just bought this. Crap. I like the quotable sandman book but I bought and first read

and hated it. It seemed like pretentious art with uninteresting characters told poorly. I figred that with this it would be like the quotable sandman book with different tales and different art.

ah well at least I can sell it before everyone realizes its not very good.

"Anyone that refers to themselves as an artist, isnt one"

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