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GenPion 12-30-08 03:16 AM

So what exactly do we post about in here?

I know we discuss Blu-ray but I'm curious as to what we should have in here that separates this Club from the HD Sub-Forum.

Is this basically a club to brag about how cool it is to own a Blu-ray player?

DarthVong 12-30-08 03:30 AM

It's very cool to own a BD player!

Moopher 12-30-08 03:49 AM

It's very, very cool to own a BD player!

GenPion 12-30-08 03:51 AM

It's awesome AND cool to own a Blu-ray player!

sauce07 12-30-08 02:04 PM

I paid $10 so I can post here :scratch2:

GenPion 12-30-08 04:09 PM

Originally Posted by sauce07 (Post 9163815)
I paid $10 so I can post here :scratch2:

No: you paid $10 for an avatar.

Oh, wait...

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