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TheBang 01-11-19 05:29 PM

DVD Talk Forum Expert How-Tos and Guides
Assume that all of these are available to all customers unless specifically listed as member only like the Welcome Package. Also remember that any preliminary codes are just that and BN could pull it, change the details or exclusions anything prior to release so always a bit of YMMV until the final release date

Mini FAQ
Coupons should not work for PREORDERS , Nook, Legos, Rosetta Stone, Digital, Gift Cards, Memberships, etc. There are glitches where sometimes an excluded item will be allowed but assume that is the exception to the rule
Free Shipping is $25 (before tax/shipping) or with membership.
Max 3 GC on a single online order.
Online only a single code can be applied to an order
Return period is 14 days after delivery (possibly 30 days for members though I've never tried)
Online ordered items can returned to a local store unless it's classified as a web-only item then it's at the store's discretion to accept
The long standing Free 60 day Trial Offer was discontinued in late May 2016

STORE ONLY 15% OFF Coupons -- Unknown if multi-use or if will work on 40% Off Items
15% OFF Single Item Exp 12/31/2017 (I)
15% OFF Single Item Exp 12/31/2017 (II)
15% OFF Single Item Exp 6/30/2017 (III) -- possibly a Member Only Code

NOTBORING (thanks logboy)
15% Off Single Item online -- unknown exp
appears to be one time use, but please report if it works more than once

15% Off Single Item
Expiration 6/28 -not sure if 6/28 or 6/29 2:59am ET though I suspect the latter

25% off single item

20% Off Online Single Item

15% off One Item Online --

Upcoming possible codes -- let me know if you find they;re active

Finally hooked up with new coupons. With the coupon reset and possible new coupon policy, all bets are off on one-time vs multiuse online or instore. Note a few new variations for the first time since 2010 or so
"New Member" Welcome Coupons ONLINE ONLY EXPIRES ONLINE August 28, 2017 2:59am ET -- these should be one-time use per member online
M9A8N4E $10 off $40+ "Home & Gift" Single Item
R9M3X8V $5 off $20+ Toy or Game Single Item
Y9V3W9J $15 off Any Turntable
U3F7K3D $5 off $50 or more total Purchase
C3M9W9M $5 off one DVD/Blu-ray priced $10 or higher (SO FAR I HAVEN'T GOTTEN THIS TO WORK FOR ANY ITEM)

"New Member" Printable IN-STORE MEMBER ONLY Coupons Expire end of business August 27, 2017
In store Free Tall Caffé Latte with Any Café Purchase
In store $15 Off One Turntable
In store $5 Off One Vinyl LP
In Store $5 Off One DVD/Blu-ray price of $10+
In store $5 off $50 Total Transaction

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