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iNCREDiPiNOY 03-19-10 04:22 AM

Fry's Electronic Weekly AD [3/19 - 3/23]
New Releases
Toy Story 1 Combo-Pack >>>> $19.97 (Tuesday 3/23)
Toy Story 2 Combo-Pack >>>> $19.97 (Tuesday 3/23)
Save $10 when you buy both

New Moon Blu-ray >>>> $19.97 (Saturday 3/20)
New Moon DVD >>>> No Price (Saturday 3/20)

The Princess And The Frog (1 Disc) >>>> $19.97
The Princess And The Frog Combo-Pack >>>> $26.97

Blu-ray $9.99
American Gangster
Death Race
Hellboy II
Miami Vice
Pitch Black
The Kingdom

Blu-ray $15.99
The Simpsons Movie
Aliens vs Predator: Requiem
Norton Hears A Who
Max Payne
Babylon A.D.
Slumdog Millionaire
Marley and Me
The Wrestler
12 Rounds
This Is Spinal Tap
Fight Club

Monsters & Aliens >>>> $7.99
The Fourth Kind >>>> $15.77
The Princess And The Frog >>>> $14.99
Cloudy With A Chance Of MeatBalls >>>> $9.99
Couples Retreat >>>> $15.99

TV Shows DVD
Monk Season 8 >>>> $39.99

maxfisher 03-19-10 05:40 AM

Re: Fry's Electronic Weekly AD [3/19 - 3/23]
An FYI for those thinking about picking up the Toy Story blu-rays, Fry's doesn't accept manufacturer's coupons. Or at least the one in Indy doesn't and the sales associates claim it's company-wide policy. If they know of one, they'll usually put an small sign under the title stating not to try to use it because they don't honor them.

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