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RJ MacReady 01-21-10 11:50 AM

$10 off 'Surrogates' blu via Gamefly
Just a heads up to those who have a Gamefly subscription... I got a new selection in the mail today and that flap on the packaging that you usually discard that has ads on it, well it had an ad for 'Surrogates' on blu with a $10 off coupon!

stingermck 01-21-10 01:11 PM

Re: $10 off 'Surrogates' blu via Gamefly
Awesome. If GF would ship me a game this week, maybe I could get it.

RJ MacReady 01-21-10 02:48 PM

Re: $10 off 'Surrogates' blu via Gamefly
Ha, I hear you. Their shipping has been abysmal lately. I sent my last game back on 1/9 and just now got a new one. Granted I live in Mississippi, right in-between their two shipping centers in the South, but still.

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