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junglalien 01-17-10 04:13 AM

Hastings 20% Off Used Blu
Enter Promo Code HASTINGS for discounts to apply.

Quantity:1,What Doesn't Kill You Previously Viewed - Blu-ray $5.25
Quantity:1,The Wrestler Used - Blu-ray $7.95
Quantity:1,Righteous Kill Used - Blu-ray $3.51
Quantity:1,Pride and Glory Used - Blu-ray $3.77
Quantity:1,The Grudge Used - Blu-ray $4.45
Quantity:1,Street Kings Used - Blu-ray $4.51
Quantity:1,The Eye Previously Viewed - Blu-ray $4.53
Quantity:1,The Unborn Previously Viewed - Blu-ray $4.84
Quantity:1,The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior Used - Blu-ray $5.08
Quantity:1,Mr. Brooks Used - Blu-ray $5.37
Quantity:1,Fighting Previously Viewed - Blu-ray $5.92
Quantity:1,Gone Baby Gone Used - Blu-ray $6.04
Quantity:1,The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - Blu-ray $6.27
Quantity:1,Observe and Report Previously Viewed - Blu-ray $6.36
Quantity:1,Notorious Used - Blu-ray $6.42
Quantity:1,12 Rounds Previously Viewed - Blu-ray $6.71
Quantity:1,The Final Destination Used - Blu-ray $8.60

Tax: $0.00
114.57/17 = $6.74 each

PGHFlyer 01-17-10 07:41 AM

Re: Hastings 20% Off Used Blu
This one isn't as good. Doesn't apply to all titles either.

Irritating they are now selling at a higher price an item they canceled from my order 2 days ago that was bought at a much lower price.

sotra 01-17-10 07:44 AM

Re: Hastings 20% Off Used Blu
Thanks OP. Not too shabby, but having been spoiled by their 40% off plus almost free shipping with the 5 off 25 I can't get myself to pull the trigger on anything. Combined with the continued great deals to be had at Target with their now legendary coupon this sale's just not so enticing. Looking at your order the discount only applied about a dollar after shipping was added. With 5 off 25 that would've actually made it almost 20% off I probably would've made a couple of orders, but as it is probably not. I don't think this will crash their site several times or even slow it down significantly. I just wish I had ordered more than the 17 I did in their last sale.

movielib 01-17-10 08:51 AM

Re: Hastings 20% Off Used Blu
I missed the last deal which I knew was better so I got a few here. Still much better than new prices.

Nathan A 01-17-10 09:15 AM

Re: Hastings 20% Off Used Blu

Originally Posted by movielib (Post 9947155)
I missed the last deal which I knew was better so I got a few here. Still much better than new prices.

I too missed the 40% off (bummer), but I'm not biting on this one since they seem to run a 30% off sale (or equivalent, eg buy two get one for $1) with some frequency. My last order with them was at 30%, and I'll gladly wait for it again.

onebyone 01-17-10 09:56 AM

Re: Hastings 20% Off Used Blu
Absolutely nothing that I wanted last sale is back in stock yet so... I guess I'll pass.

zombeaner 01-17-10 01:34 PM

Re: Hastings 20% Off Used Blu
I got a few I missed last time. A lot of times if you click on the title, the price is much lower than it is in the list:

Quantity:1,Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay Previously Viewed - Blu-ray $4.47
Quantity:1,War Used - Blu-ray $4.44Discount: 1 for $4.4399999999999995 each
Quantity:1,Burn After Reading Used - Blu-ray $5.71Discount: 1 for $5.71 each
Quantity:1,Journey to the Center of the Earth Used - Blu-ray $5.03Discount: 1 for $5.03 each
Quantity:1,Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Used - Blu-ray $4.84Discount: 1 for $4.84 each
Quantity:1,Resident Evil: Extinction Used - Blu-ray $6.68Discount: 1 for $6.68 each

Tax: $3.23

Quantity:1,Reservoir Dogs Used - Blu-ray $5.04Discount: 1 for $5.04 each
Quantity:1,Friday the 13th Used - Blu-ray $7.07

Tax: $1.33

Not as good, but not bad at all.

U2Cowboy 01-17-10 02:50 PM

Re: Hastings 20% Off Used Blu
Quantity:1,Paul Blart: Mall Cop Used - Blu-ray $4.84
Quantity:1,Wanted Used - Blu-ray $6.60
Quantity:1,Twilight Used - Blu-ray $9.35
Quantity:1,Mr. and Mrs. Smith Used - Blu-ray $8.25

Tax: $2.81

maxfisher 01-17-10 07:12 PM

Re: Hastings 20% Off Used Blu
Funny People - $11.05
Frost/Nixon - $6.26
A Bridge Too Far - $7.76
Mission: Impossible III - $8.92
Mission: Impossible - $6.62
Hancock - $4.56
The Spiderwick Chronicles - $4.47
The X-Files: I Want to Believe - $6.04
Burn After Reading - $5.71
Die Hard With a Vengeance - $9.18
Push - $6.11
Transporter 3 - $6.74
Bad Santa - $8.27

Not too shabby, though I'm a little annoyed. Three of these were titles I ordered in last week's sale at lower prices, only to have them canceled for being out of stock.

zombeaner 01-17-10 10:46 PM

Re: Hastings 20% Off Used Blu
I was a bit bummed that not every used BD was on sale.

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