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iconoclast dsp
04-10-01, 11:11 PM
I've been looking around for a cheap dvd player (under 200) that plays cd-rs and the pioneer 333 got excellent reviews everywhere. Its listed at around 155 dollars, and the 343 is 160, and the 434 is 170! I've read that the 333 and 343 are the same model with a different casing but whats the difference between the 343 and 434.

Any help would be appreciated

04-11-01, 08:23 AM
The 434 is a progressive scan model, which you don't need unless your TV supports it (ie. HDTV).

04-11-01, 10:30 AM
I also remember good reviews initially for the 333. I heard the rumors that 333 and 343 are identical, but given the choice, I would side with the better-known 333.

iconoclast dsp
04-13-01, 04:31 AM
Is there anyone that knows what the difference is for sure between the 343 and the 333? They have a 343 in stock and i was going to order it but i want to make sure the 333 isnt better.

04-13-01, 10:32 AM
The 343 is this years model, the 333 came out over a year ago. It's kinda of like what's the difference between a 2000 model car and a 2001 model car. They ususally look the same and the differences are very subtle. They make some improvements here and there, find a way to make it for less money, make a slight change to features, etc.

The only real difference I can find is the 343 has a digital audio input, not sure what this is, and the 343 has a "DTS" light up on it's front panel display when playing a DTS DVD (don't think the 333 has this).

I'd say go with the 343 it's a newer model and Pioneer probably made some improvements to its performance over the 333.

iconoclast dsp
04-13-01, 10:00 PM
im going to pick up my 343 later today.
Someone else i talked to said they made the load time faster by 30% and a few other improvements as well.
I just hope its as reliable as the 333.

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