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03-28-01, 06:09 PM
I just downloaded the free trial, and I must say..I think I am impressed. ANyone here have any experience with this prog? Is it worth the $?

Lazlo Hollyfeld
03-28-01, 06:46 PM
Back in the days of DOS and Windows 3.1, Norton Utilities was a necessity. It was lean and mean, helped you recover from your own screwups, and prevented imminent disasters. The first couple of versions for the Win9x platform were bloated, inefficient, buggy packages that caused more problems than they averted. To be honest, I have not checked out the latest version, so I probably have no business even responding. That said, I would at least suggest a backup of critical data first...

03-28-01, 06:57 PM

It introduces so many low and root-level modifications to the OS that if anything goes wrong with it or it has indigestion with your other programs, you will need a total reformat. I have even heard of cases where it caused HDs to become totally useless because it f---d up the system sectors, though I don't know if that was factually correct.

If you own anything past Windows98, all you need to do is use the built in tools like defrag, scandisk, registry and file checker, and you will save system resources, HD space and possible headaches down the road. Norton is a bloated system hog with few tangible benefits.

cry havoc
03-28-01, 07:00 PM
That thing burned me once and I am not going near it again.

03-28-01, 07:29 PM
ok...well if norton isn't all that great, does anyone know where I can get a decent disk defragmenter and File and Registry checker?

03-28-01, 08:58 PM
Originally posted by phatbenny
ok...well if norton isn't all that great, does anyone know where I can get a decent disk defragmenter and File and Registry checker?

Yes, they're built into all versions of Windows after 98!

(I don't know if they're in NT or 2000, however, and I don't think anyone would put NU on a computer running it!)

Jason Northrup
03-28-01, 10:24 PM
Actually, from my experiences, Norton is an excellent product that I would recommend.

03-29-01, 03:49 AM
I think it is a fine product and since i got it for only $14 it was well worth it :)


Norton Systemworks Professional 2001 for Win95/98/NT/2000/Me (CD Only) this is an oem product but it works great for me :D

Zim Hosein
03-29-01, 04:21 AM
I've heard the horror stories as well, but after years of using McAfee Products and finally giving up w/ the small but annoying bugs/features that their products offered, i installed System Works 2001 and must ay that I am very happy. My computer has gone from crashing once a day to about once or twice a week. Maybe just blind luck, but I haven't changed a single h/w or s/w setting since the install. Hope this helps.

04-01-01, 01:22 PM
I couldn't stand how sensitive Norton Utilities was with all of the automatic stuff running and the sensors on all the time. IMO you're just hogging up more system resources and making things worse by running all that stuff. Although I'll admit that was a couple of versions ago and I haven't run it on automatic for a few years.

I still own NU 2000 though. IMO the Speed Disk degrag just kills Windows (98SE anyway) and some of the other utilities are useful occasionally...like the Ghost. To me this Utilities suite is not worth retail but if you can get a bargain on it, it does have some useful features.

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