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03-27-01, 01:48 PM
I currently purchased a RX8000 receiver to compliment my XV501 DVD player and am having trouble with the DTS and Dolby Digital and was hoping someone could help. I reset the factory settings so that the first optical was now for DVD. The optical cable is correctly installed, but the receiver will only produce sound when the auto/PCM setting is selected. If I play a DTS DVD and select DTS on the DVD menu and DTS on the receiver, I get no sound. If I select dobly digital on the receiver and on the movie menu, I get no sound. The only way I get sound is to select dolby digital on the movie menu and auto/PCM on the receiver. It plays full digital surround, but I would like to make use of the DTS setting and was hoping someone might could key me in on what I am doing wrong. I have read the book 3 times, everything is connected properly, but there is some little something keeping me away from the DTS. Thanks for any help.

03-27-01, 01:55 PM
my suggestion is to get a different receiver.. and give that one to a coworker :D

03-27-01, 07:48 PM
have you checked the setup menu on you dvd player? i had a similar problem with the DTS feature on my jvc 523 dvd player. i had to change a setting for the digital output to stream/pcm, in the setup menu of the dvd player, to be able to hear DTS audio. i also own the rx8000vbk jvc and am very pleased with it.

03-27-01, 11:01 PM
Thanks to Tightwad, my troubles have been resolved and for the first time in 2 weeks I have been able to finally experience true dolby digital. I watched Charlie's Angels and it was GREAT! I am now going to have to get a second job to support my DVD rentals!

03-28-01, 07:33 AM
glad to be of help...

03-28-01, 07:44 AM
so does that mean you wont be getting a new receiver and giving me that one? :)

04-02-01, 01:45 PM
Were you able to get DTS to play flawlessly?
I had a JVC 501 that needed a firmware upgrade just to play DTS and then shortly after that the optic's died. Just wondering if they ever fixed this.

04-02-01, 03:38 PM
Mine is playing DTS fine, you just have to go in and change the setting on the PCM to stream and not PCM only.

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