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Holly E. Ordway
03-10-01, 10:07 AM
I'm wondering if anybody has experience with how quickly/reliably DeepDiscountDVD sends out DVDs that are listed as "out of stock."

I did place an order with them for some in-stock DVDs a few weeks ago and got good, prompt service. Now I'm thinking about placing another order, and so far two of the DVDs I'm interested in are listed as out of stock. (Including Devil in a Blue Dress, which is listed as not being available until May... is that a pre-order for a price reduction? It's listed on Amazon as shipping in 2-3 days.)

So, how prompt are they? (ie. do they get new shipments fairly frequently, or am I dooming myself to wait for months?) Should I go ahead and place the whole order, or wait?

03-10-01, 08:18 PM
They were pretty good with the only thing I've ever ordered that was out of stock.

The day it came in, they notified me with a shipping notice telling me it was shipped.

03-12-01, 09:44 AM
I once placed an order for 2 items. One in stock, the second was not. The entire order shipped the next day.
I'm guessing I was just lucky because it must have just come in to their warehouse.

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