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03-09-01, 09:49 AM
Just had to share this bargain related experience. I placed an order for the X-Files Season 2 set a few weeks ago with DDD. The order never arrived. I just called in this morning to get a status update and was told my address had been entered incorrectly. The CSR corrected my address and let me know my order would ship today. What she didn't tell me on the phone but included in her confirmation email was the fact that I would be receiving a 10% discount for my inconvenience. Great way to make up for the initial lacking customer service.

03-09-01, 09:54 AM
Hi, welcome to the DVD Talk Bargains forum. I had a similar experience with DDD as well.

FYI - This thread would be more useful in the Store Forum. In addition, it wouldn't hurt to be more descriptive when choosing a title for your new thread.

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03-09-01, 10:32 PM
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03-10-01, 10:34 AM
There are always going to be bad experiences with etailers!!! I do not care which etailer it is....what counts is how they handle their error!!! So far, I have had no problems with this etailer and I have placed about five separate orders!!! All orders received within one week.....their order confirmation is hit or miss!!! I have received some and not others!!! Did not receive a shipping notice on my Sopranos set which was had for the price of $60.49 :) They will continue to get my business if they can undercut the competition as they have done so far....and as long as any problems are dealt with in a professional manner!!! :)

03-12-01, 02:53 PM
I called them today with a question and they answered the phone in ONE ring! Amazing!

03-13-01, 01:30 AM
The DDD.com posts are amazing. Some tell horror stores and then there are posts like this.

I'm giving them a shot with the X-Files Season 3 Set. If I get it for 62.00 then they will certainly see more orders from me. For that kind of deal I was willing to risk a bit of hassle. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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