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03-05-01, 11:13 AM
Just FYI -

My first order from bestprices.com and it looks like they shipped it via boat. They state in their FAQ that standard USMail can take <B>up to</B> 7 days for delivery.

It's now been <B>15 days</B> and customer service tells me it may take up to <B>three weeks</B> to get here because it is going by boat (I live in HI).

I've been ordering DVDs online for almost two years. <B>NEVER</B> did an online store been <b>so cheap</b> as to send things by boat. They charged me $3.50 for the delivery. This delivery method must have cost them a little over a stamp.

<B>TAKE WARNING</B> when ordering from them. If you live close to them, then maybe you don't have to worry.


Dan has been and gone
03-06-01, 11:55 AM
MOst of my DVDs take about a month to get to my house from Bestprices (from the day they ship it to the day it comes to my house). They charge a lot of money for shipping yet they are the slowest of all e tailers.

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