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03-03-01, 02:05 AM
Any good?

03-03-01, 02:41 AM


. . .

03-03-01, 09:39 AM
Just got this DVD a few weeks ago - it's a knockout! There'e a lot of story to tell here, with a lot of principal characters, but both the script and the cast definitely have "the right stuff"! At a little over 3 hours long, it's a flipper, with a snapper case.

03-03-01, 09:49 AM
How's the quality of the DVD itself? I don't remember seeing that it had any extras, but I'm really more curious about the transfer and sound. Thanks!

03-03-01, 09:51 AM
I read that this title may be revisited with a special edition somewhere in the distant future. The picture needs more fine-tuning and it can be a non-flipper. The Right Stuff is a very good movie. Heck, it may have been the best one made that year.

03-03-01, 01:31 PM
Thanks guys. I think I'll keep it & see it.

03-04-01, 12:25 AM
I picked it up at Best Buy a few months ago for like $11.99. A great space movie! I think the regular price is about $14.99. Don't know if you can go wrong buying this one at that price.

03-04-01, 01:13 AM
Yeah, I got it from BestBuy for $14.99. I got a free $75 gift card, so I decided to buy a bunch of DVDs and picked up The Right Stuff.

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