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View Full Version : Does anyone have any info on Total E

02-26-01, 05:39 PM
I could of sworn these guys were Canadian, but I am confused about there shipping rates. The site says 99 cents when you go there, but then on the polices page it says that shipping is $2.79. So what's the deal?

02-26-01, 06:38 PM
I have the same question. Just the same, I ordered an in stock DVD from them just today and they charged .99 for shipping. I have my fingers crossed to see if I get the disc in a timely manner. I hope so, their prices are damn good.

02-27-01, 12:12 PM
My order just shipped this morning - one day after I ordered. That is certainly better than some online E-tailers. Now we will just see when it arrives. I'll post when I get it.

02-27-01, 04:24 PM
they're simply a retail subsidiary of columbia house...

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