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View Full Version : How does BN come up on preorders?

02-26-01, 12:25 AM
if i preordered a DVD from BN.com would it arrive on my doorstep on the day of release like 800, Amazon and samgoody.com? would there be any problems that might have to result in cancellation? please let me know. thanks.


02-26-01, 03:27 AM
Not much to base anything on but the only time I've placed a pre-order from them, they shipped it to me the day after the release date (left their warehouse). Also, I've found bn.com one of the slowest in regards to shipping time. Usually about 7 days for me.

02-26-01, 10:53 AM
thanks, i cant believe they ship day after, well i guess i will look elsewhere. thanks for the reply.


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