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View Full Version : Has anyone received DTRT: CC from Express?

02-20-01, 07:08 PM
I preordered this DVD, Do the right thing: Criterion, a month ago, and it's supposed to come out today. People who ordered from buy.com already received it, but express doesn't have any in stock, nor does it have an 'expected restock date'. What the hell is going on with these people? The CSR could not have been more disinterested. Has anyone's copy shipped?

02-20-01, 07:54 PM
Just out of interest, you might wanna put the movies' whole title somewhere in your post if you abbreviate it in the subject title dude. :)

Some people might not know what DTRT is.

02-20-01, 07:54 PM
I for one, have forgotten too. :p

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