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02-18-01, 10:28 PM
episodes not DVD.

02-19-01, 08:15 PM

02-20-01, 12:10 AM
Come on! Fine, I'll just buy the damn thing.... :)

02-20-01, 12:11 AM
Hey, let me know how they are after you buy it. ;)

Seriously, though - I am interested in a review of the actual episodes as well.

Jason Reynolds
02-20-01, 10:23 AM
Mine shipped from Buy on Friday, but I still don't have it.

Maybe someday...


Liquid Death
02-20-01, 01:16 PM
Do a search...what you need is in the talk forum.

02-21-01, 11:16 AM
I liked it. Seeing all of the episodes in the appropriate order definitely was better than the way that ABC did this originally.

The image quality is good, as is the sound (stereo + mono rears).

The video quality on the episode introductions by Jason and Kevin kind of suck, but they're kind of funny. I don't like the way that Disney put three episodes on each disc, and has the exact same bonuses on each disc. Redundency is stupid IMHO.

I haven't had a chance to do the commentary yet, but we'll do that soon enough ...

02-21-01, 06:10 PM
Just got it...I've checked out a little of the disks, and I would definitely recommend this to just about anyone with a sense of humor. It is VERY funny, and the commentary tracks are priceless. It has the humor on the same line as Family Guy and The Simpsons to put in it perspective. So those who are "on the fence" about buying this DVD...Cough up the dough and get it :). PEACE.

02-21-01, 10:10 PM

02-22-01, 12:00 PM
I got mine on Tuesday, and spent the better part of the night watching the episodes and checking out the extras. Laughed so loud at one point I woke up my wife. Not good.

They are much more funny when watched in order. I think the fact that Kevin Smith wasn't allowed to include profanities forced him to go for more than just really cheap laughs.

Definitely a must for Kevin Smith fans. Can't wait for this weekend when I can watch the episodes with the commentary track.

02-22-01, 01:01 PM
I absolutely loved this dvd set. When watched in order, the episodes are veryfunny. The best, however, is the commentary track, which is worth the price of purchase alone.

02-22-01, 07:42 PM
I bought this on Tuesday, was on sale at best buy for $19.99 so if you wanna get it, I'd suggest doing so before sunday when the sale is prolly over :)

If you're a View Askew fan like me, you'll love this one. I never got to see the 2 episodes when they were on, personally I think if they went with a different network, maybe fox or comedy central, this show would still be on today :) My favorite episode is the anime one, I think the 3rd on the first disc :)

I agree though, they didn't need to put the same extras on both discs.. I would have rather they squeezed every episode onto one, and had an extras disc. The commentaries before the episodes were OK.. kinda funny but too short, they should have done more of like what Matt & Trey do before the South Park episodes on the dvd, expanded it a little :)

After watching the DVD I was kinda bummed though, knowing this is all there will ever be and we'll prolly never see a new episode ever =(

I'd definately recomend this dvd to anyone that likes Kevin Smith's movies (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy & Dogma) or people that just like animated peepee humor along the lines of south park :)

"Hey, Jaws is in the water... there's water in the toilet, I rest my case!"

02-22-01, 09:35 PM
Originally posted by necros
"Hey, Jaws is in the water... there's water in the toilet, I rest my case!"

That's one of my favorite lines of the series :)

Jason Reynolds
02-23-01, 10:24 AM
Finally got mine the other night, and have watched all the episodes twice so far.

It's definitely worth getting, especially if you're a Kevin Smith fan.


02-24-01, 09:16 PM

Hence the name :D

02-25-01, 12:37 AM
"Oh no, bear is driving! How can that be?!"

02-25-01, 02:16 AM
Originally posted by necros
"Oh no, bear is driving! How can that be?!"

Best line in the entire series. Heh, Gotta love the ending.

02-26-01, 11:55 PM
Originally posted by necros
After watching the DVD I was kinda bummed though, knowing this is all there will ever be and we'll prolly never see a new episode ever =(

Don't you listen to the commentaries? If you did, you would know about the Clerk Animated Feature coming to theatres next year. Very exciting news

02-27-01, 12:29 AM
cool! :)

I listend to some of the commentaries, not all yet.. guess I have to now :) A movie would be great too.. Kevin Smith rocks :)

02-27-01, 12:38 AM
I got my copy of these discs today. I watched all the episodes, but haven't looked at any of the extras. There were several incredibly funny things in those episodes.

I'm certainly glad I bought these discs.

02-27-01, 05:04 PM
Clerks Uncensored is great. Episode 1(Is it safe?) and Episode 4(Who's driving? Oh My God! Bear is driving!, Axel Foley! Judge Reinhold!) are the best. All of them are great except Episode 5 which I found just good, not great. The extras are cool. Kevin Smith's commentary is great as usual, the featurettes are cool. What I found really great are the animatics, which show the sketches along with the recorded voices. A must-buy for fans of Kevin Smith, fans of the Simpsons, and everyone looking for a few good laughs.

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