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02-12-01, 09:02 PM
Hi again:

Looking for a 30-45" 16x9 Television as the cornerstone of my setup. Basically, haven't been able to find one under $2000. Help me out, please. Any ideas?


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02-12-01, 09:03 PM
Sorry man, I highly doubt you are going to find one under 2k in the US.

02-12-01, 10:00 PM
Best bet is probably to find a prior year's Toshiba 40x81. It's a 40" 16:9 TV. I think onecall.com has them on special for 1889 or so. Shipping will probably bring it over your 2k mark, though.

02-14-01, 06:53 PM
samsung has a 40in FLCD model (not HDTV) that's about 2k w/ discount. i haven't seen this new model, but considered buying the older LCD model (on sale for about $1500). in the end, i decided the blacks were just to gray. however, i hear the new FLCD model is an improvement. another plus, the set is only about 12 inches deep and weighs like 70 lbs.

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