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02-10-01, 09:06 PM
Is Cecil B. Demented worth picking up? It is near the top of my list, is it worth the $20?

02-10-01, 09:16 PM
I am a big John Waters fan and I even loved his more recent stuff such as Pecker and Serial Mom. And while I thought the concept behind Cecil to be very interesting the movie itself was lackluster. It was a bad movie, but was never boring, which is a good thing. The story was half-baked and the humor never took off. It seemed to be a pointless excercise without much passion. I'd give it a rent at least before purchase.

Big Dave
02-11-01, 12:15 AM
It is a decent movie, but not the type of movie you can watch over and over again. However, if you are a fan of Waters, I heard his commentary track is decent, so in that case you may want to pick it up. I could not see paying $20 for it though, maybe if there was a real great deal on it.

02-11-01, 02:33 PM
If your a big waters fan you'll want it, otherwise rent it. The movie is not good. The commentary is a hoot, though, as was his commentary for pecker. Actually more fun than the movie.

02-12-01, 04:41 PM
Here's a review, if needed:


Gil Jawetz
02-12-01, 06:54 PM
I think it works best for those who have spent time involved with the Baltimore film scene (a very small audience to be sure) since the film actually makes fun of specific non-celebrity people and places in jokes that I would guess 99.999% of the people watching could never understand. For instance, we saw it in NYC and were cracking up at stuff that no one else was laughing at. However, it's not a very good movie and doesn't really do as much with its premise as it could have (but then again Waters is a pretty sketchy filmmaker). Polyester is still, in my opinion, his best movie by far.

02-27-01, 12:18 PM
Just rented this one. I liked it but I am a fan of unhinged films. Having a knowledge of showbiz helps as well.

As Waters makes clear in the commentary (and the film) this is a movie for the anti David Lean crowd.

I felt that the only real problem was with the various deaths. I don't think that killing anyone added an inch (edge) to this film. It just got in the way of the comedy.

DVD Smurf
03-04-01, 02:25 PM
I got it for 50 cents, and more would not be fair for me to pay ofr it. However, it has a very interesting introduction to each character through the directors (I hope I did not spoil anything here.) :)

03-04-01, 04:20 PM
This one made a few worst of the year lists....

05-21-02, 04:25 PM
In one unfortunate segment of the commentary (recorded before 9/11) John Waters says, "Forrest Gump is the World Trade Center of movies. I mean it's won Academy Awards and everything... who could really hurt it?"

05-22-02, 11:52 AM
I know barely anything about the Baltimore film scene (that I haven't heard from a Waters commentary, etc...) but I still found a lot in this film to be funny. Is it one of Waters best? no. Nor do I think it is his worst film. I enjoyed it and got a lot of fun out of it. I think it does help to know a bit about film history in general as that's where a lot of the jokes make fun of.

I agree with the person above who said that Polyester was his best film.

05-22-02, 12:11 PM
Originally posted by Jet_Jaguar
As Waters makes clear in the commentary (and the film) this is a movie for the anti David Lean crowd.

I just find it funny that I am a big fan of David Lean and John Waters.

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