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10-18-00, 10:46 AM
On a scale of 1 - 10, I give this one a 6 (Woulda been a 5, but it got 1 extra point for having boobs in it http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif

The only reason I bought this one was because I listen to KNAC.com a lot, and they always talk about how great it is, and the soundtrack for the movie has some cool songs from some cool new and old metal bands

Heavy Metal 2000 is an animated movie, for mature audiences. Luckily, it's not carbon copy anime style art, so I was able to watch it without getting too bored too fast. The main stars are Michael Ironside as the bad guy (of course), Julie Strain as Julie, and Billy Idol as Odin.

The story is pretty good, and there's a decent plot. Ironside played a decent bad guy as usual, Billy Idol who I've never seen act before did a really fine job (didn't even know it was him till then end credits), but I think one of the things that brought a bit of the movie down was Julie Strain read all her parts instead of acting them. She just didn't seem too convincing.

The art was really good. It was 2D cartoon art mixed with 3D rendered scenes. The 3D stuff wasn't quite up to par with other 3D stuff in movies, it seemed to have sort of a "video game movie" look to it, in other words not very real looking, like say Starship Troopers. But the worst part is when they had the 3D and 2D mixed in the same sceenes.. take the Eden assault for instance, every explosion was done in 3D and it just didn't fit in with the 2D, it looked like the explosions were rendered with a black background and the alpha channels weren't right, because they were dark, you saw black through the fire instead of the 2D background. Other than that, the fighter plane battles and everything else were really great.

The sound was very good, with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, you could hear ships and explosions all around you. And of course, there was a lot of heavy metal playing http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif

The DVD also came with a lot of extra features. Theatrical Trailers for the movie and other movies too like Dogma and Bram Stroker's Dracula. It had an isolated music score (watch the movie with no talking or sound effects, just music), animation studies, art gallery, a Julie Strain featurette about her being big and tough, behind the sceenes stuff with the voice actors, etc.

Overall, if you're into animated movies I'd pick this one up. Or if you just like sci fi that isn't stupid. Other than that I'd say try and hit Blockbuster and rent it first to see how ya like it. I'm not sorry I bought it (like Fight Club), but if I rented it and watched it a few times that woulda been enough for me.

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