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10-06-99, 12:07 PM
I've read plenty of bad reviews of the movie "Batman and Robin" and I pretty much stayed away thinking it was must be one of the worst movies made ever as movies based on comic book characters go (as bad as Superman 3 and 4). Well, just last week, I couldn't resist and rented it on DVD, and to my surprise, I didn't think it was bad at all.

While I did enjoy the first "Batman" movie a lot and the second one and third I thought was OK, I guess I'm not into "dark" movies as much as other movie fans are. The "lighter" feel of "Batman and Robin" with a more comic-book feel to it was more to my liking. Even though the storyline isn't particularly strong, and George Clooney is not exactly the most believable Batman, I still found the movie entertaining.

Anyone else out there feel this way or am I pretty much alone in this view?

10-06-99, 12:24 PM
Well, after I saw Batman & Robin in the theater, my friend and I were really ticked off since we felt as though two hours of our lives had been robbed from us. However, the second time I saw it on HBO (there was nothing better on), I bsically treated it as though I were watching a comedy, and it wasn't that bad. Basically, just lower your expectations, and you might find just as I did that it is a funny movie because it is just so frickin' stupid. Kind of like Vegas Vacation.

10-06-99, 12:50 PM
I did crack up quite a number of times while watching, which is surprising given it is a "Batman" movie. The first 3 were dark and serious with only occassional humorous moments, but nothing like this.

I don't know when or if they'll get around to making a 5th movie but they say Clooney is still the one to play Batman.

Al Infinitum
10-06-99, 01:40 PM
Funniest comment, walking out of the theater:

"Even the music sucked."

Some random girl walking out in front of me said it. Had me laughing all the way home. This movie is pretty bad. Down there with Very Bad Things and Deep Blue Sea. Sadly, I payed to see all three in the theater. I have only myself to blame.

10-06-99, 02:04 PM
Well, I agree that Batman & Robin pretty much sucked. My girlfriend hated it more than I did, though. At least it had a certain visual gloss to it, which is more than I can say for Superman 3 or 4. However, for an action film, it was surprisingly boring and George Clooney was pretty bad as Batman. I remember one scene in the film where he says "I'm Batman" and I was thinking "No you're not. Get the hell out of here!"

However, I wouldn't ever compare it to Deep Blue Sea, which I think was the best film to come out this summer (already preordered).


10-06-99, 02:44 PM
Check this out. I got it from http://www.cinescape.com

Keanu Talks His
‘Batman 5’
Though the Batman movie franchise appears to have been put on the development back burner at Warner Bros.,interest remains high among
fans of the series. Now, out of the U.K. comes word of what Keanu Reeves would look
like see happen with the series should he be given the part... or in order for him to take it.

While talking to the TV Times movie magazine (via Empire magazine), The Matrix star was asked how he would approach the title role in a possible Batman 5. Reeves revealed, "It'll have to be dark, very sombre. Something that'll make people think twice about whether they're actually watching a Batman film or not...I want to see more about what makes [Batman] tick- Bruce is far more than just
your average wacko."

Reeves also explains who he would insist battle the caped crusader should he be allowed to wear the bat-suit, saying, "I would have to insist, and I mean most strenuously, that any Batman film I'm
involved in would have to have The Joker in it-absolutely. He's the archetypal bad guy, the Bat-nemesis. He's the dude with whom the Bat must battle- he's in the film, or I'm not! And Jack Nicholson has to do it again - definitely."

Okay, is there something in what Reeves is
suggesting? Maybe it’s just his wish list, but perhaps there’s something more. Reeves is
certainly high profile enough… though probably miscast, in the part. In addition, given the success of The Matrix at Warner Bros. and the studio’s desire to hang on to Reeves, one can’t help but wonder if Reeves statements were intended to elicit some interest from inside. On the other hand,
maybe he’s been asked and has put together a
scenario that would be impossible to put together to prevent having to take the role.

Maybe he was just kidding around. Time will tell.

Keanu as Batman? Woah!

10-06-99, 03:02 PM
Well, Keanu Reeves being the next Batman would be interesting. As for possibly being miscast - heck, when the first Batman movie was being made and I heard that Michael Keaton was cast, I was cracking up but Keaton did a great job.

Now, getting Jack Nicholson back in the role of the Joker would be something to see. They would have to do something big with the story though being that they killed him off in the first film, but as in all stories from the comics, they just keep coming back.

Just keep your fingers crossed that something comes out of this, as it probably is with the case of Nicholas Cage possibly playing "Superman".

Al Infinitum
10-06-99, 11:05 PM
Keanu as Batman? "Miscast" would be something of an understatement. The only superhero I could see him playing would have to be one of the characters in Mystery Men. I also felt that Jack Nicholson was miscast as the Joker. Call me crazy, but if he could have gone "dark," Jim Carrey would have been perfect for the role. Of course, I don't think he was a star back then. Alas.

Deep Blue Sea, "best movie of the summer?" I'll tell you, that is one of the most interesting things about this forum; so many movie lovers in one place, so many different styles. At least tell me you thought it was good based on it's B-movie, MST3K appeal. I refuse to accept that anyone enjoyed it as a thriller. This movie is the result of a Conan O'Brien, "If They Mated," featuring Jurassic Park and Jaws; take the worst elements of each and you've got yourself a freak show.

10-07-99, 12:24 AM
Yes, this movie was "really that bad". Worst movie ever made.

Joseph B
10-07-99, 05:37 AM

The Joker was not "killed off" in the original Batman. At least, not in a totally definite manner.

I remember reading that Nicholson had so much fun playing the character that he asked Burton to give him a way to reprise the role should he chose to do so. Burton did. If you notice, just before the scene when The Joker is seen dancing on the loose tiles on the roof, there is a closeup of one of the statues. The Jokers' coat is clearly seen draped on the statue. Yet, The Joker who later falls to his death is wearing the coat. The inference here of course is that The Joker changed places with a henchman who had been made up to look like him just before the "death scene".

Besides, in the actual comic The Joker has probabaly "died" at least three dozen times!


10-10-99, 02:01 PM
When Clooney said, "Hi Frezze, I'm Batman." I wanted to scream out, "Oh, is that why you're wearing that ridiculous outfit?"

10-15-99, 05:23 PM
The movie wasn't that bad. It suffered from amon other things way too many villians & batgit I mean Batgirl. Ahnold was way cool as Freeze.(actually conjured up a bit of Preminger in his campiness) I actually thought that Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face in Batman Forever contributed to making that a horrible film. That and Val kilmer. the Riddler was the only saving grace there as was Mr. Freeze here. I can't help but think that I'm forgetting a villian in Batman & Robin. Maybe your're right and it is that bad if I can't remember everybody!

10-15-99, 05:23 PM
The movie wasn't that bad. It suffered from among other things way too many villians & batgit I mean Batgirl. Ahnold was way cool as Freeze.(actually conjured up a bit of Preminger in his campiness) I actually thought that Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face in Batman Forever contributed to making that a horrible film. That and Val kilmer. the Riddler was the only saving grace there as was Mr. Freeze here. I can't help but think that I'm forgetting a villian in Batman & Robin. Maybe your're right and it is that bad if I can't remember everybody!

10-15-99, 05:24 PM
sorry about the double post! http://forum.dvdtalk.com/ubb/frown.gif

Joe Ben
10-17-99, 03:54 AM
I thought batman and robin was horrible, I recommend the animated movie "Batman & Mr.Freeze: Subzero"
Actually I am a Batman fan, but I don't care for any of the live action movies, I love the animated series. "Batman Mask of the Phantasm" is not only the BEST Batman movie, but its also one of my favorite movies. lots of action and Bruce Wayne character is really devloped. and I love the music. does anyone know if either one of thes movies will be released on dvd anytime soon?
I also agree that Jack Nicholson was wrong for the joker, the joker needs to be dark and whacky.

10-17-99, 09:44 PM
Yes, it was that bad.

'nuff said.

JoeC...who vows never to waste his time watching that one again

Master J
10-19-99, 12:40 AM
Jack Nicholson not dark and wacky? Maybe you never saw the Shining...one of the greatest horror films in my opinion..Now that was a dark, scary, and maniacal role he played..

Master J

05-03-00, 06:24 PM
this movie is worse than your most negative expectations. i can say that i was never truly bored more with an "action" movie.

05-03-00, 06:31 PM
I personally would pay to see Reeves and Nicholson in a Batman movie...if Burton was brought back to direct.

05-03-00, 06:34 PM
Batman 3 was bad because Val Kilmer can't act, Jim Carrey acted way too much, and the mad anger exhibited by Tommy Lee Jones got annoying after a while.

Batman 4 was horrid for two reasons: lame sets and frighteningly bad dialogue (marred further by bad line delivery... I think the actors knew they sounded stupid.)

The Day-Glo thugs in both Batman 3 and 4 need to get ditched.

As for Keanu: I can't picture Batman saying DUDE!

- David Stein

05-03-00, 08:26 PM
Don't forget the two main words that caused Batman 3 and 4 to suck so much:

Joel Schumacher

05-03-00, 08:32 PM
Yeap, JOEL, the guy that made STREET FIGHTER hahahahahah

05-04-00, 03:42 AM
Short Answer: YES!!!

Long Answer: The first Batman was ok. Good for the Nicholson parts. Michael Keaton wasn't great but didn't suck. Kim Basinger sucked but didn't ruin it. The main thing was there was just enough story. Story(and character) overkill has sunk every subsequent Batman film since and the chickens really came home to roost on the last one. It appears that the studio decided that we needed characters in the movie to represent every demographic group available to see it. This formula equals a big mess with all targeted groups being unsatisfied. But at least 2 and 3 had good actors like Michelle Pfeiffer, Danny DeVito, Christopher Walken, Jim Carrey, and Tommy Lee Jones(whose role, at least onscreen, was severely underwritten because the decision was made to make it Carrey's movie). The last one finally suffered from overkill excess. With bad performances from the villains, all the demographic placements crowding even more than before, not to mention Alfred's illness, well, this was a recipe for complete and total failure. One of the worst movies I have ever seen. I went in hoping it would be a pleasant waste of time. It was more of a waste of time than I could have possibly imagined, and the farthest thing from pleasant. There were some truly horrendous performances from Schwarzenegger and Thurman, but the true culprit in this wretched cinematic crime is Joel Schumacher. Some have labelled Mr. Schumacher the Antichrist, but I think the Biblical connection is much simpler. He simply sold his soul to Satan for his success in the '80's and this movie was his payback. Satan still allows him to work but anyone who saw Flawless knows this man is never getting his soul back.

What th'? Did I black out or something? All I remember is someone mentioning something about Batman & Robin. I flew into a rage and came to just now. Did I write something?

05-04-00, 03:51 PM
"Batman and Robin": Is it really that bad?

Hell yes.

05-04-00, 11:45 PM
There are very few movies that I just despise. This is one of them. I don't konw what Joel Shumacher wasa thinking.

05-05-00, 07:02 AM
cyforce: huh? Joel Schumacher has done a lot of bad things, but he didn't make 'Street Fighter'. the 1994 Van Damme film was written and directed by Steven E. De Souza; Schumacher wasn't even a producer.

you must have him confused...


05-05-00, 01:35 PM
The "Street Fighter" movie - yet another movie that got critically trashed that I must say I enjoyed. Like "Batman and Robin", I liked it for its "corniness" and it was kind of fun seeing them bring the Street Fighter characters to life.

Heck, there's far worse comic-to-film or videogame-to-film efforts than these two. Take the Mario Brothers movie for instance. Now that's one I can rightly say is truly bad, and I'm way more tolerant than what most would regard as a "bad" movie.

Eric F
05-05-00, 02:17 PM
I've been a long time comic collector and all the Batman movies kind of sucked. Yes, Burton's interpretation of them was certainly better than anyone else's, but take a look at the Mask of the Phantasm animated film and you'll see a much superior, adult film to any of the live action ones.

Unfortunately the video quality of the Batman:MoP DVD is kind of poor. It would've been nice if they cleaned it up a bit, but at least it's anamorphic.

At any rate, if someone decides to do another Bats film, let's hope they totally dump every major cast member and start from scratch. The funny thing about the Bats films is that the minor roles, like Alfred, Commision Gordon, etc, were played better than the major ones, who were major hams.

I really, really hope the next Bats film will be a version of Batman Returns, supposedly what the original Bats was inspired by. But I have a feeling this is will just turn into the MAtrix.

As for Keaunau playing Bats, why bother? What he's describing sounds like the Matrix. Just let him wear the suit in that film, it would be the same thing. Every comic book/sci-fi film coming out will be Matrix clones anyways. Anyone see the X-Men trailer? Looks like they actually stopped production mid-way and changed it to look like the Matrix.

Tuan Jim
05-05-00, 10:44 PM
I believe Clooney or Schumacher (more likely Clooney) was quoted in Wizard magazine as saying something to the effect of "We killed the series."

Tuan Jim

My mommy always said there were no monsters. No real ones. But there are.

-- Newt

05-06-00, 11:07 PM
The funniest thing I remember about this movie was near the very end, Alicia Silverstone (Batgirl) is sleeping on the couch when Clooney comes down and my friend says something to the effect of: it's Wayne Manor and they can't find one extra bedroom for her to sleep in? Go figure...

I'm not very picky, but this was pretty bad. The series moved to a more cartoonish effect with too many villians/good guys. Even the casting was somewhat poor and the special effects and what-not didn't seem very impressive. Just didn't click at all with me.

I can't believe I ate the whole thing

05-07-00, 03:41 AM
Batman and Robin was probably the worst movie of 1997. The acting and the story was weak. I had high hopes for this movie, but I was disappointed big time. I went with three freinds to see it in the theater. Two of them left while the movie was still running. I was surprised that I didn't go with them.

05-08-00, 07:34 PM
most of you have covered a lot of the reasons b&r sucked, but no one mentioned the unbelievably horrible EDITING!

worst edited movie i have ever seen. the constant cuts in the action scenes made it impossible to follow what was happening (even if you were still interested) add that to the sensory assault of the abysmal soundtrack, and you have 4 hours of pure torture.

(what? is wasn't four hour long?)


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