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das Monkey
11-17-99, 06:55 AM
Well, due to popular demand, a few notes on "Trekkies." As with my "Free Enterprise" mini-review, keep in mind that these opinions are those of a die hard Trekkie.

Denise Crosby and Roger Nygard went to great lengths to tell many stories in this 86 minute documentary, and I think they do a pretty good job. You'll definitely laugh, you'll probably cry, and all in all, I think most people -- fan or not -- will enjoy this look at the greatest phenomenon in the entertainment industry. They cover the conventions, the super-fans, the freaks (forgive me) who cannot separate fiction from reality, the collectors, the theme businesses, and the opinion of the average person on the street. Compounded on that, there are numerous interviews with many of the stars associated with Star Trek.

There have been many specials on various programs showing interviews with the stars, but I don't think anything has gone into as much depth as "Trekkies." There are quite a few specific human interest stories about how and why Star Trek has affected the lives of certain people. Mixed in with that are quite a few anecdotes from the stars and how they feel about the phenomenan. And there's quite a bit of material on what Star Trek really is at heart - exploration of the human condition and a vision for a better mankind.

I felt it focused a little too much on the stereotypical "dorky" fan who dresses up and salutes everyone. Having attended a number of conventions, this group makes up less than half of the total population. I would have liked to see more interviews with families and friends who love the show and what it stands for, but attend conventions in a more leisurely manner - a chance to have fun on a weekend interacting with friends who share a common interest. However, the average Joe dressed in his average street clothes isn't that spectacular, so I can understand why the focus is on the more visual fans.

Having no idea what to expect, I was definitely surprised at how enjoyable I found this documentary. Like I said, though, I'm a die hard Trekkie, so I may be biased, but I think most people would enjoy this one.

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations,

11-17-99, 08:13 AM
Being a mere "TREKKER", I found this
film to be hilarious,mesmerizing,
fascinating and absolutely terrifying! http://forum.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif

A great film for fans and non-fans alike.

11-17-99, 07:38 PM
I don't watch any Star Trek shows, but I'm of course aware of Trekkies and when the documentary was first released I read many positive reviews (often written by non-fans like myself). Based upon that and this thread I'm pretty sure I'll rent it next time I go to Blockbuster.


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12-13-99, 02:40 AM
Just saw "Trekkies" this weekend and I highly recommend it. There are stories that are very touching and very funny.

As a casual Star Trek fan, it made me feel relatively normal, but I still wanted to see a Star Trek movie after watching it.

Very funny, very entertaining, highly recommended.

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