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11-01-99, 06:39 PM
Exactly how bad is the transfer for this? I mean $27 is a bit steep, but I really want to see it. Does anyone have major problems with the transfer? Will it be rerealeased?

11-02-99, 02:17 AM
The transfer is pretty good from my POV. I really can't compare it since this is the only known release of the movie!!! According to the production notes the company that released this took the uncomplete film editted it from Bava's notes, and shot a beginning credit sequence. I was kinda skeptical when I read this but, after much investigating they may be right. I checked several sites that sell foriegn films and foreign releases of domestic films and I couldn't find any listing of this movie.

I paid $31.99 at a Compact Disc World since this has been long OOP and I am a Bava fan. Alls I can say is don't believe the hype. The early advertising and reviews were saying "Imagine Quentin Taratino remaking Last House on the Left in a speeding car." which is farther from the truth. Which isn't to say it's a bad film. I found it just avaerage and a letdown for me. Of course, I'm not a huge diehard Bava fan. Which many of whom loved it, so what do I know?

At the price I paid I felt the disc should have included a LOT more. Like a commentary, or isolated music track(the score btw is excellent) instead you get production notes and a trailer which was made by the same guys that completed the film. I say if you're a Bava fan go for it, if not you're really not missing anything.

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