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The Shawnimal
10-02-99, 08:50 PM
Any trekkies (trekkers) see either of these movies. I was considering pre-ordering one or both (just out of curiousity) were either of these any good... or just a waste of money?

The Shawnimal
V2: SPREAD THE WORD!!! (http://www.arts.arizona.edu/v2)

10-04-99, 01:41 AM
TREKKIES was excellent! I saw it during the one week theatre-run here and I laughed out loud during several sequences. I definitely plan on getting the DVD.

On the other hand, I do not know anything about FREE ENTERPRISE.

das Monkey
10-06-99, 01:45 AM
From what I heard, Free Enterprise has absolutely nothing to do with Star Trek. Keep that in mind.


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