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02-06-01, 02:09 PM
I ordered a cell phone from them on December 4 last year. That's 2 months ago! It was stuck in limbo until recently when it was canacelled. During that time I called many times trying to figure out what was the problem and they kept telling me that they we're waiting for AT&T wireless to give them the go ahead after my credit check. Yet when I called AT&T they told me that my credit had been approved 3 days after I ordered and that Amazon should be shipping me the phone. So then during this time a $30 and $75 rebate on the phone expired so I was really p*ssed that I had lost those. I called Amazon again and they said that they had a special relationship with AT&T and that my rebate would be honored. So guess what, I called AT&T and they told me that the rebate had expired and they had stopped processing them, and had no knowledge of any special deal with Amazon to honor the rebate. SO then finally they cancelled the order and when I called them they told me that I didn't call AT&T fast enough to approve my credit, nevermind that I did so immediately after placing the order.

So after I cancelled my order I had vowed never to order from Amazon again but then I thought some more and decided to order the phone again because I had some gc's. After I ordered I called them up and got my shipping changed to next day air. It says Next DAY air on my shipping method. My order just shipped, whooppee, but its not next day air its Fedex Express cheapest shipping option. I mean I don't mind waiting, I've only been waiting 2 months and lost $105 in rebates! I am certain that the cs representative just told me I was getting next day air and changed it on my order form but then somehow put a note on it to ship using Economy and then have other cs representatives weasel their way out of the explanation if I ever called them about it. Cuz I just called and the guy just had me wait for a long time while he was looking up my order which for some reason was just taking him a long time. And then he says he'll just have someone from the wireless department contact me because they're really BUSY right now. I just realized they don't have my phone number and yea right I doubt they're gonna email me. SO sorry for this long thing if you got this far in my tirade the moral of this story is that Amazon sucks and their CS are snakes, weasels, and just plain liars.

02-07-01, 09:37 PM
Although I have always had good luck with CSRs at amazon, this almost doesn't surprise me. I have an uneasy feeling we are going to see a lot more of this in the near future. The morale there must be starting to erode what with the recent layoffs. Not to mention the fact that it seems unlikely the company will every turn a true profit. Glad I kept my day job http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif


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