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01-23-01, 02:02 AM
Im moving into a new duplex and I was told today that my livingroom shares the wall with their Master Bedroom. Im thinking who set this deal up. Anyhow I need help trying to guess where to put the speakers to minimize the amout of sound they hear. So think of it a 4 walls the shares wall is A and then the wall to the right is B and go around clockwise etc... So is it best to have the main speakers FL,C,FR on wall A so they point away from their wall and the rear speakers are on wall C, or Put the speakers on wall B so that one Main speaker FL is on their wall and one rear, or put the main speakers on wall C so they face their wall across the room and the rear speakers are on their wall. Any tips you can give me will help.

Weapon X
01-23-01, 08:11 AM
Well, I had a very similar situation...what I did was introduced myself, explained that I had a HT, told them I would keep it down, but rather than wait for a complaint..asked if they could tell me when/if there was a problem. I tried two set-ups, the second being with the rear speakers on the shared wall...and I played the system at fairly loud volume..late at night.

I kept asking, until the lady(40's) told me she'd tell me if there was a problem, but that since I moved the rears to the shared wall, they didn't really hear much.

I also put some drummer's padding(A pro eggshell type of deal) between the speakers and the wall.

The Sub is gonna be an issue, unless you use it sensibly...but if you ask somebody who knows accoustics fairly well, they will help you with materials and angles to minimize noise.

I was VERY lucky, because one of my friends is an engineer, and has worked with MANY fields of sound, so my neighbors never did complain..and the setup looked and sounded great.

Wall C worked for me, but I still maintain the best way to configure is to communicate.
Being courteous goes a LONG way..I am sure they heard the surround effects somewhat, but I feel that my efforts to try and make sure they did not experience any discomfort went a LONG way to maintain a healthy neighbor relationship.

01-23-01, 08:43 PM
Thanks for the few tips... I think I may try and mount the front speakers from the ceiling so the are angled down a bit and hope it aims less sound at their wall.

Weapon X
01-23-01, 10:06 PM
If you can get the angles, just consult a diagram on acoustics. You can contain sound pretty well.

Good Luck!

01-25-01, 11:56 AM
Im about to move any last minute tips/tricks

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