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Lou Pole
12-07-00, 08:15 PM
Any feedback would be appreciated

12-09-00, 08:29 PM
I am both a buyer and 'swapper' there. First off, you get 21 free credits (or at least you did when I started) for listing 21 items of your own for 'swap'. I listed mostly music, 2 dvd's and some videos. The DVDs were requested almost instantaneously, although that's probably because my 'price' in swap points for them was based on what mrswap's guides were (as in one point = one dollar). Most people there list everything in the 50 point range except for the CD's.

On the swapper end, to receive their mailer takes about 2 weeks to receive, sometimes longer - it's usually a very long time - and the postage is already on it for you for USPS First Class Mail. On the receiving end, it takes normal First Class delivery time to get something, but tack on about 2+ weeks for the seller to get their mailer. As a swapper, you get constantly reminded "have you shipped yet" at least once a day - even when the mailer hasn't arrived. But yet you have to WAIT for the person to say they've received their stuff (and yes, they do forget) before you'll get your credited points. If they don't respond in a reasonable amount of time I've had mrswap.com people send THEM a reminder.

So far I've gotten rid of two DVD's, one video, and one CD ... I think. In return, I've gotten one DVD - and one Playstation Game (that I haven't yet received, although it was supposedly shipped a while ago!)

It's not bad if you have some CD's lying around that you can list, get the 21 free points, then see if there's anything you want for that price. Doubtful, but it does happen.

Sorry to ramble on here, but hope this helps - if not e-mail me.

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