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01-20-01, 04:34 AM
$279 from ecost.com

JBL NSP1 Northridge Surround Speaker Package


Energy Take 5

$349 from

radar city

SAWM40 - Sony Sub

Onkyo TX-DS575X



Does anyone know of any more good receivers around the $300-$400, that match the speakers I've mentioned. I know the sub is kick butt, but are there better speaker packages then these two for around $400.

I've tried the home theater in a box from kenwood, but it has a lousy center speaker, and it's lacking in sound.

I have all the cables, player, and tools. Radio shack meter, and avia dvd disk.

I just need some feedback if energy take 5 or JBL northridge speakers, sony sub, and the onkyo receiver will match up well, and won't sound weird together, or if there's a better way to spend $800 or less.

I'm looking to spend $300-$370 on speakers, $300-$400 on reciever, and the sub I've decided on already. It's that sub everyone is loving right now, The sony SAWM40.

Im using www.pricescan.com (http://www.pricescan.com) to get these low prices for these items.

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01-22-01, 11:11 AM
i'm surprised noone replied to you on this.

Persoanlly, I would go with the Energy package before I would go with the JBL. JBL sound is always muted, never clean. The Energy's are a great speaker in that range.

Your choice of a receiver is a good one. I like Onkyos. I, personally would get a Yamaha in that range. The Yamaha 596 is a great receiver in that price range. I have the Yamaha and its awesome. Yamaha has a bit of a cult following though. Yamaha is a great HT (probable the best) receiver in that range. But Onkyo isnt a bad choice either.

Any combo of the Energy/Yamaha-Onkyo/Sony sub is good.

Just stay away from the JBLs.

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