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Weapon X
01-16-01, 04:51 AM
I don't have the model # handy, but it runs $579(Circuit City) and includes a Kenwood DVD player, DTS reciever, some tiny speakers, and a powered Sub-Woofer.

Is this a good HT system for a bedroom?

I have to take back a crappy JVC receiver and a KLH Sub which I have just read is due to die...

And I needed an under $200 DVD player, so this makes sense.

From most reports, the only issue with the Kenwoods is a questionable center speaker, and the rest of the Speakers are not Audio-Phile quality.

Any info would be cool.


01-16-01, 10:09 AM
I'm not sure if this is the package you're talking about or not but in the latest Circuit City sales paper they have a Kenwood DD system that includes the receiver, all five speakers and a subwoofer on sale for $279.99 (after a $20 rebate). The model number is HTB203A.

Go Noles!

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01-16-01, 12:03 PM
I don't think it comes with a DVD player just the Home theater system.

Weapon X
01-16-01, 05:54 PM
It does come with a none-too impressive looking single tray DVD player...but it seems the Kenwood DVD player lines have gotten adequate to good reviews.

I believe it is at the website for Circuit City.

I'm grabbing one tonight, so I guess I get to answer my own Q.

01-16-01, 10:01 PM
the flyer i have from sundays paper says "2 day special sunday & monday only" and inside the front cover is the kenwood HTB203A. It just says reciever, remote, 5 surround speakers and subwoofer for 279.99 $20 off the regular 299 price. Nothing about a DVD player in the reciever or with it.

Weapon X
01-17-01, 04:42 AM
Yes..that model wasn't the DTS model, and no DVD player.

I ALMOST got one, but the sound settings(Using backwards decibels)just didn't "sit" right with a non-audio type like myself...

I also toyed with it and found the volume lacking, and the face intimidating and hard to use. I was very bummed.

So, I might keep my crappy RCA rear surrounds and get a new Center, the Sony Sub, and a decent reciever.

I can upgrade later on the rear speakers.

01-18-01, 01:24 AM
I think the model you are referring to is the HTB-503DV. It is the same as the HTB-503, but comes with a separate DVD player. The HTB-503 is widely considered as the best HTIAB that money can buy. So although the reciever and speakers are good for the money, I can't comment on the DVD player that it comes with.

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