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Mark Holtz
11-13-00, 02:42 AM
With a new period starting on my credit card and an coupon that would expire on Wednesday, I thought I would pre-order from 800.COM some up-and-coming titles.

* Neon Genesis Evagelion #2 - Not found anywhere in the store. This is a title that is scheduled for release on 11/21
* Anne Get Your Gun - No problem.
* Quantum Leap (Pilot Episode) - No Problem.
* Vampire Hunter D - Varies from "In Stock" to "Out Of Stock".
* Wings Of Honneamise - Out of stock, can't place order, it doesn't even release until 11/28
* Escaflowne #2 - No problem.
* Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 #2 - Out of stock, can't place order, but scheduled for release on 12/5.

What gives?

Mark Holtz - Visit my corner of Science Fiction at Deep Space Franchise (http://www.deepspacefranchise.net/).

11-13-00, 11:59 AM
This is the same problem that I just spotted in my thread. Actually the problem is a little larger than this, since if you add these items to your wishlist and then keep refreshing your wish list, then at times they show up as available for preorder and you can add them to your cart. It appears there's a window of time or if you happen to continually hit the correct 800.com web server (they probably have a round-robin set of servers I believe handling requests) you can actually buy these items.

However, you run the risk of doing what I did, which is have everything still in your cart right up until submitting the request for the order and finding after you've ordered it that those "toggling" items are gone and your coupon(s) haven't been applied if your order amount has gone below the minimum, etc.

I called 800.com on the phone (who actually reproduced the problem amongst themselves while I was on the phone) and they corrected this and added back my coupon.

I would advise anyone who's ordering these items and has problems to either place them directly with their CS or call them shortly afterwards to fix the order.

- DVDealer

Mark Holtz
11-13-00, 08:18 PM
Well, I found *MOST* of what I wanted, but I was unable to order Vampire Hunter D or Neon Genesis. Oh well.... after several months, I finally added to my TZ collection. http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/wink.gif

Mark Holtz - Visit my corner of Science Fiction at Deep Space Franchise (http://www.deepspacefranchise.net/).

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