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11-09-00, 12:53 PM
Has anybody out there had poor service from them .... where they don't credit the right amount to your credit card.... or sent you the wrong items..

I ordered the Jurassic Park DVD set and they sent me a Miles Davis CD. Customer service said I had to order the DVD again. Well I got charged again. Thats one way to improve your profit margin. I was on the phone w/ CS to rectify .... and CS doesn't have a phone number to the crediting department... they work in a black box very secretive. After Numerous attempts they said in time it would be worked out. well its over 2 weeks later.

I finally decided to call my credit card company to not honor there charges due to double billing.

I never had a problem w/ buy, amazon, 800.

If anyone else wants to call and complain the CEO is Dick Shultz & the phone number in the corpporate office is 1-952-947-2000. Godd Luck


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11-09-00, 02:50 PM
I have also had some incorrect shipments from BestBuy.com. However, since I have a few BestBuy retail stores in my area, I simply took the merchandise into the store (unopened) and asked for a refund. They did it without any questions or problems. All in all, I would have to say that my experience with them has been great.

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11-09-00, 05:00 PM
I've not had great service with them, but not terrible either. One pre-order was sent promptly, but one other one was backordered upon release and then after 3 weeks they cancelled the order. Their website is also rather slow and many times doesn't work. The only reason I used them was because I had gift certificates, my experience with them has been bad enough that I wouldn't use them otherwise.

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