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11-02-00, 03:35 PM
I'm just wondering how us international customers can find out if we will be paying customs/taxes on dvd's we order from the US?
Is there something we can check on the site for the answer? I know Amazon ships so we don't pay customs and Express ships so we pay 5$ plus 15% taxes when the dvd gets to our door. Not knowing the details on this makes it hard to actually find who has the better price.

11-03-00, 04:25 PM
Any company that ships UPS to Canada will save you from duty and taxes (never been charged yet with 78 amazon orders ranging from 1 to 300 US bucks) Express usually gets through ok (1 outa 17 was charged). DHL, Feddex and USPS are iffy (reel was always taxed and dutied for me, but they are gone now).. B&N shipps from canada so never got charged from them.

If you keep an order under 20 bucks US (before coupons and shipping) you can claim the duty back if you do get charged.

And always mark it as a gift, that at least gives you a shot at no duty..

A US company would have to spend alot of resources to figure out if something will get dinged duty or not, so I wouldnt expect that feature soon..

I stick to Amazon and B&N..


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