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11-01-00, 10:17 PM
Looks like Amazon is going the half.com route. It now gives you the option to sell/buy used DVDs. Does anyone know how to search just the used DVDs? Just poking around I found some good bargains (Seven Samuraii CC for $18, etc.). Also wondering if you can use referral or other Amazon coupons.

11-01-00, 10:41 PM
never noticed, but i have a few i'd like to sell. Is it the auction part or some new feature?


11-01-00, 10:48 PM
Looks like a new feature...unless I just never noticed before. Click on a DVD title and it gives you the option to sell yours and sometimes (as with Seven Samurai) to buy a used copy. I think it's new, but some seller's have a lot of ratings going back months--which is confusing. Maybe they're transferring half.com ratings?

11-01-00, 11:01 PM
looks expensive..

If your item is used, we'll have you set your price at least 20% below Amazon.com's price for the same item. If your item is collectible--signed or out of print, for instance--you must set a price higher than the list price.
The moment a buyer purchases your item, Amazon.com collects $.99 plus 15% of the sale price and credits the rest to your account.

An item thats say 20 bucks on amazon, you can sell for 17.00, plus they charge you .99 and 15%.. But at least the give you a shipping credit..

Think i'll stick to ebay..


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11-01-00, 11:24 PM
Buy.com is teaming up with half.com/ebay and doing the same thing!!!


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