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05-27-17, 04:24 PM

Surprised that nobody started a thread on this yet as he was well-respected and very popular as a musician. I wasn't a big fan of his band's music, but enjoyed several of the songs they made.

05-27-17, 05:10 PM
It is a big loss in the music world, and Deadline is covering his passing. May he Rest In Peace.

05-27-17, 05:47 PM
crushed by the loss.

Eat a Peach is just about the perfect album, probably listened to it more than any other in my life, with the exception of the White Album.

05-27-17, 10:44 PM
Was never into them, but I have huge respect for them musically.

RIP Gregg

05-28-17, 06:57 AM
Perhaps not surprising, but a huge loss.

05-28-17, 08:32 AM
I've heard someone say that Duane was the sound of the Allmans and Gregg was the voice, but that's overly simplistic...especially since it ignores the third of the "Big Three," Dicky Betts, who not only was a huge part of the guitar work but also a fine singer & songwriter ("Jessica," "Ramblin' Man," etc.).

Also, Gregg was a great player, too, and principal songwriter on their earliest hits that established their sound. His impressive organ work was just as important to the sound as Duane's slide and Bett's leads & harmonies.

I think the "Beginnings" compilation is one of the greatest bargains in rock CD history...right up there with the Big Star two-fer. "The Allman Brothers Band" and "Idlewild South" both flow flawlessly from track to track. IMO, it represents their most consistent, focused work, and I prefer them to the live jam sessions or more uneven work. Near-perfection, fully-formed from the onset classic rock that will never sound dated.

Gregg had a rough solo career post-Allmans and in between drug rehabs dabbled in celebrity status with Cher and did some movie acting gigs, but he had a great comeback collaboration with T-Bone Burnett in 2011. Loved "Low Country Blues." As for his other solo work, prefer to listen to compilations cherry-picked from those albums.

Unique, recognizable voice & highly-influential on other groups (Skynyrd, Tucker, and others). Just last week, I was in a small record booth at a flea market & Marshall Tucker was playing. A customer asked who it was; after being told, he said that he thought it was Gregg Allman.

Songs like Midnight Rider, Dreams, & Whipping Post really highlight the power of his compositions and his highly emotional vocals.

05-28-17, 08:56 AM
Thankfully I was around in the heydays of Southern Rock era back in the 70's and 80's and got to see these bands in their prime....and with original members. Both Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers ruled just not the Southern Rock but made a huge impact on music everywhere. Their Live at the Filmore East is among the best and Eat A Peach sent them higher. Sadly there were turmoil, personal issues and drugs that tore the band apart.

It was a sad day when Duane Allman died....the guy was a heck of a player and already a legend. Greg basically took over the band handling the writing and singing with Dickie Betts. He was gifting at the keyboards and guitar. Down here in the South we still remember how deaths of artists in Marshall Tucker and Lynyrd Skynrd shook us....but Greg WAS the Allman Brothers....a sad sad day.....time to go fire up Whipping Post, Midnight Rider and Melissa.....

05-28-17, 01:06 PM
I was never a huge fan of the Allman Brothers Band, but they do have some great songs.
While they basically pioneered southern rock, I found their music to be more than just that. Their instrumentation put them on another level.

Big props to Gregg Allman for banging porn star Savannah before she became a porn star... although she was underage and in highschool at the time.

05-30-17, 05:54 PM
Did they say what he died of specifically? 69 isn't exactly "old", and when I saw him recently on Colbert, he looked pretty sickly, and unhealthy.

Nick Danger
05-30-17, 05:59 PM
Live at Filmore East is still one of my go-to albums.

05-31-17, 04:40 PM
Did they say what he died of specifically? 69 isn't exactly "old", and when I saw him recently on Colbert, he looked pretty sickly, and unhealthy.

Wasn't it liver cancer that returned?

05-31-17, 05:39 PM
I think Beginnings is probably my all-time favorite Allman Brothers Band album. I've had this on vinyl for many years (along with Live at Fillmore East, Eat A Peach, Brothers & Sisters, and Gregg Allman's Laid Back) as long as it will play, I'll treasure it, particularly Dreams I'll Never See...


RIP Gregg...:(

05-31-17, 06:49 PM
Wasn't it liver cancer that returned?

His longtime manager confirmed in an interview after his death that it was liver cancer that took him.

06-09-17, 04:39 PM
A great video I ran across recently of the Allman Brothers Band at the Fillmore East in 1970 (which is a year earlier than the famed 1971 concert album), so both Gregg and Duane are in this video.


(unfortunately, some of the mics failed to pick up Gregg's singing early on before being fixed but still a great musical performance)

06-15-17, 11:25 AM
This one hits me hard. RIP, hopefully you're finally back with Duane. At Fillmore East is a stone-cold masterpiece. He'll be missed.

06-15-17, 09:15 PM
He also did a respectable job acting as a drug dealer in Rush.

He had that menacing look down pat.

06-15-17, 09:57 PM
It's too bad the vocals are non-existent in that video above, it just doesn't sound right without them. Only listened to the first couple of songs but couldn't listen any further, Dreams just didn't sound right without Gregg's vocals.

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